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Tuesday, 12 July 2005

Podcast Group Hug [Slim]

Another fantastic way for me to be entertained while avoiding work is podcasts. They rule, you can sit glazed listening to stuff and pretend your working/walking/doing the dishes. Yes, there's a lot of shit (Jon) but there's also a lot of quality commercial radio programming on podcasts that basically turn your trusty ipod into a portable radio tivo, which is teh win!
My faves
Mark Kermodes Film Reviews: It's the five live show which I always miss, so I have it on my ipod:
Dawn and Drew: OK it's a couple chatting about shit and they're frequently full of shit or just not interesting, but it's also kind of voyeuristic and funny and just weird. A great example of a podcast that just wouldn't happen on the radio or on a webpage, utterly unique to the medium:
Go Digital: A BBC world service show that I've never heared on teh wireless, it's a tech review thing thats worth a listen:
Coverville: Um, it's covers. And That's it really. Some stuff that's hard to find though, which is nice:
Best of New itunes: Picked this up off the itunes directory thing, it's just ok really, new releases and stuff but very commercial as you'd expect
Radio Whore Sex Show: Pretty fucked up really, but funny. They talk about how to piss on people and how to come like a trooper.
Post yours!


  1. Thanks for this, as I was looking at podcast on my ipod and itunes 4.9 and wondering what the fuck it was! So its basically internet radio on your ipod.
    Sorry for asking, but whats the big deal? I listened to the Radio Whore one at home last night, and its just two chicks giggling and talking on wild tangents! I would rather just listen to music tbh :)
    I just dont get why this is the killer app for the ipod people are talking about it..

  2. I'll repeat the part of my blog you seemed to have ignored, it's more like Tivo for your ipod than internet radio. The podcasts use xml to only link to the latest feed. So I get one file on my ipod with the latest movie reviews that updates automatically when I sync. Unlike radio, I can then listen to those shows whenever I like.
    If you'd rather just listen to music, then it's not for you. If you'd like something else as well as music, it's pretty cool.

  3. Well, obviously it depends hugely on the content. Away from weird Manx stuff there's some really useful programming like dotnet rocks. (I even managed to out geek them, they called me Acronym Man & sent me a mug :), little do they know I work for a CMM level 5 company. EA are sureley level 0 :) )BTW, I've been doing much the same thing before the podcast term was coined. It's very easy if you have a creative sound card to record the shows off the BBCs 'listen again' page. You just need real player (spit) installed and you can schedule recordings with the creative stream recorder app to leech the shows actually worth listening too, rather than the carp that's on during peak hours.

  4. Probably some good'uns to pick up here.

  5. I have started to listen to a couple of podcasts while Im in work..One I found this morning seems interesting. It was ranked 4th or 5th out of loads of Insider. The 3 or 4 short episodes on Harry Potter are interesting. Quite a lot of waffle there, but its better than two chicks giggling and talking random crap about sex!

  6. Another couple here: Mondays (last show) is done by the guy who hosts ".NET Rocks!" & gave me a few chuckles, especially the fishing trip story & the alien anal probe.One for our own space cadet Dave of course from NASA

  7. Ctrl-V fuxage: Last Mondays show here.

  8. the GF is looking into this and wants radio shows (like Terry wogan or Jonathon Ross) which I'm assuming I can find on the BBC site. Has anyoen got any more Podcasts to recommend, light entertainment is basically what i'm aiming at.

  9. The beeb is very good at digital archiving but I've got a question for you... Terry FRICKIN Wogan? I mean I like a spot or irreverent Tel in the car occasionally as an inbetweeny once in a relatively rare mile but for crisp frispin's sake isn't there some sort of charter that stipulates any girlfriend, not wife, under the age of 35 is required to want podcasts of Cosmo's "1000 ways to turn your man on"?

  10. Faceless podcast... horny wench!