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Friday 27 October 2006

When will they learn? [Lurks]

I'm firing up this Dark Messiah: Might and Magic game right, which I leeched via Steam. Now, you know, on one hand downloading it off Steam is kinda handy right and it just downloads direct to my PC. On the other hand it's 7GB so it's not a small leech. So it's pretty much a toss-up whether to buy it in the shops or off Steam. I buy it off Steam and then they go screw me further and don't unlock it to play until after lunchtime on the day of release. Had I bought it from Gameplay, I would have had it yesterday and no download necessary.
The point of this digital distribution stuff is supposed to be that it's better, not worse!
Oh and to add insult to injury, despite this apparently being a Source-powered game, they've seen fit to disable alt-tab. So I can't just nip out to check my email or whatever else I need to do. Meaning I'll clearly get to play it less often, confined as it will need to be, to times when I can know I wont have to do anything else with my PC. That is, quite frankly, pathetic. They must have actually gone and disabled/broken this feature from Steam as it works perfectly fine in Half-Life 2 games.
Gah, why don't they test this stuff form an actual end-users perspective?


  1. Ah readers, far be it from us to ever sneer at the misfortune of an unfortunate.Less, of course, it's Slim....[19:19] yeah same[19:19] so i bought dark messiah[19:19] and installed it[19:19] and it installs in steam[19:19] i can't play it till i activate, and steam is currently too busy...[19:20] i bought the dvd to avoid all this shit[19:20] you suck mate :)))))))))[19:20] ahahahaa[19:20] fuck off :)[19:20] fucking hilarious!!!![19:20] * Spiny has joined #eed[19:20] * Q sets mode: +o Spiny[19:20] you got to add that to my blog[19:20] smug to told in one fell swoop :))))Laugh? I nearly pissed myself silly over me chips......

  2. I was being a bit dim, but it's not that intuative. When you install off dvd, it finds your steam account, installs the game there. Then it says you have to register before you can play, but steams too busy. It also says 0% installed until its registered.
    Turns out I can just double click the fucker from the desktop and it works.
    I think the distribution really works when you've preloaded, so you have it all and just activate on release day. Trying to get 9gb on release days never going to happen.