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Thursday 20 November 2008

New EED Experience [DrDave]

If you took EED to the local Gap and told them to go crazy, this is what might happen:

Post more!

Monday 10 November 2008

Fortune favours the prepared [Muz]

So, due to circumstances beyond my control (evil builders taking over garage and trapping bike, followed by being forced to work in the arse end of nowhere), this week has been my first time back commuting on my bike for a couple of months.Second day in, what happens, but the dreaded puncture. It's cold, wet and dark, on the way home. Luckily, I'm prepared for this sort of emergency. However, I did contemplate, while I was changing out said tyre - what is in the essential roadside repair kit?

A spare tube is a must, obviously, along with tyre levers, stored in a convenient saddle-pack. It also contains a patch kit, just in case I suffer two punctures and need to do a field repair.

Then comes the requisite pump. I prefer the Road Morph G; handy because it can be turned into a mini-standing pump, and because it comes with an inline pressure gauge so you know when your tyres are about to burst. All of the above are stored on the bike - in fact, I have duplicates on both my bikes so I don't need to worry about swapping them over all the time.In addition, I normally carry my Leatherman Fuse, along with a ratcheted allen key set; most useful should seat, brakes etc need adjusting on the fly.After today's debacle, I'm considering getting a CO2 inflation canister and/or some gloop tyres.

What do the rest of EED's self-propelled, two-wheeled contingent have in their tool kits?

Tuesday 4 November 2008

Election-err-ing [Am]

Dear AmericansI know that many of you think that we have slightly sniffy attitudes to you but you are still the biggest economy in the world and the biggest military power and as a consequence when you do stuff it tends to matter quite a lot to the rest of us, particularly those of us that are perceived as white western nations whatever the actual mix of the people that live in our homelands.To this end what you are doing today is really rather important and we would be terribly grateful if you could attend to this one with a bit of care and do the right thing. It might seem a bit previous but I'm afraid you made a right fucking balls up with the last president you elected which was a disaster beyond most normal scales.So with affection and all that and because it matters, please get out and vote and, from the lads at Electricdeath, please;DoNotFuckThisOne UpThk, wp, gg