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Tuesday 4 November 2008

Election-err-ing [Am]

Dear AmericansI know that many of you think that we have slightly sniffy attitudes to you but you are still the biggest economy in the world and the biggest military power and as a consequence when you do stuff it tends to matter quite a lot to the rest of us, particularly those of us that are perceived as white western nations whatever the actual mix of the people that live in our homelands.To this end what you are doing today is really rather important and we would be terribly grateful if you could attend to this one with a bit of care and do the right thing. It might seem a bit previous but I'm afraid you made a right fucking balls up with the last president you elected which was a disaster beyond most normal scales.So with affection and all that and because it matters, please get out and vote and, from the lads at Electricdeath, please;DoNotFuckThisOne UpThk, wp, gg

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