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Friday 27 September 2002

New form of scumware [lurks]

Good lord, will it ever end? Apparently all those lame distros of p2p file sharing apps are bundling a new form of scumware which is being dubbed stealware. Slashdot has a story on it. Basically rather than replacing add banners, this replaces the affiliate referer links when you buy things. It does this so that the kazaa/morpheus lamers get the kick back money instead. Can it get any lamer than this? Obviously Amazon et all needs to ban these wankers from the affiliate schemes forthwith. Once again they think it's perfectly fine to install software which steals the hard work from web sites which generated revenue. Of course being P2P client vendors they had little in the way of morals to start with.

Wednesday 25 September 2002


Today I had my third and final interview for a job in Guildford. It was for 10AM in the morning. Now I should explain, I live in North London. Guildford is South West of London, a main line train journey away. So it's a fairly long journey involving a bus ride to a tube station, then by tube down to Waterloo and then a train. Only today was going to be different.

Today was tube strike day. It took me 2 hours to get a bus into London city, where upon the traffic seized entirely at around Tottenham Court Road. With no other option, I walked to the south bank of the Thames and crossed Waterloo bridge on foot. Against the massive tide of people coming the other way. It took me over 3 hours to get there.

And what's this all about? The tube drivers are rejecting a 3% inflation busting pay offer, taking them to £31000, they want more. More. That's right, they want more money than that. Now... Firefighters are calling to be paid £30K and that's fair enough, emergency service, danger money and all that. But tube drivers? I mean, have you peeked into the cab?

The sum total of the skill involved in driving a tube train is controlling a throttle handle type device which sets the train in motion and stops it when released. There's some buttons for doors, a passenger PA and an intercom from the 'controllers'. That's it. Basically when the light goes green, driver pushes handle forward until the train hits a red light. Then he stops until the light goes green. If he should arrive at a station, he opens the doors for a bit.

This is the incredibly taxing job that somehow is worth more money than bus drivers (wtf!), nurses, fightfighters, teachers and all sorts of other people that actually had to go to University to get some skillz and engage more than 4 brain cells to the job.

This has me fuming in anger. And that Red Ken bastard is saying that when the tube is handed to him and his American-import 'transport guru' boyfriend, he's going to sack all the management at London Underground. Apparently by allowing this strike to go ahead, they don't have London's best interests at heard according to Red Ken. Erm, actually they're saying that they don't have the money to pay more and quite frankly what they've offered should be enough - as it bloody well is!

Death to Ken. Death to tube drivers. Sack the fucking lot of them!. Hose down the guys selling the big issue out the front of the stations, give them a 5 minute crash course in tube driving (that's the advanced course) and set them off to work for bloody £20K a year.

This is what will happen when I am made King. I have the best ideas.

Monday 23 September 2002

Google news [lurks]

This is interesting, Google has put up this new Google News site. It carries stories from the world's major news web sites and it lists how old they are. You can also obviously search through all these sites but I think it's most useful as a good news page covering pretty much everything in a timely manner.

Saturday 21 September 2002

n1NjaH!!!! [spiny]

This is l33t :) ChaNinja Style RC4 (blue)visual style at Check the my desktop

Gaming Goodness [spiny]

It just gets better.

Played a lot of instagib CTF last night, it managed to keep me glued to my desk till 12:30. When you have to be up at 6:30, that must be good glue.Now, UT instagib ctf was never really my bag, just seemed like you could never get the flag & was a bit devoid of strategy compared to vanilla ctf. My preconception changed last night though, UT2k3's instagib CTF is a 'reet laff' as they say oop north. What clinches it are two things: map design, the map included in the UT 2k3 demo plays very well with iCTF and now the instagib shock rifle has a zoom on it. While you may think this will just hamper gameplay by the flag runner forever being sniped, the opposite is true. as the flag runner, you're also better able to defend youself while rushing back to your own base, you can fight back much more effectively and your team can cover the flag runner even though they're not near the enemy. The acid test really is number of caps. Most of the games I played last night had a winning score of just under 10 caps, with the looser not too far behind. Great gameplay.

I think they may have actually sorted the translocator this time too. What makes it less effective is that it leaves a bloody great trail as the disc flies. This allows you to spot a translocating pe0n, see where he will land and zap him as soon as he appears. I managed to shut out pratically all enemies who were trying to translocate accross to our base & gib em.

In other gaming goodness the NOLF2, demo has been released and is looking rather sexy. Bump & cube mapping everywhere, nice water effects & character models. Looks like the Jupiter incarnation of the lithtech engine is shaping up niceley. NOLF2 also retains the excellent LOL humour of the original. The added skill points & side quests in it make it a bit of a Deus Ex Lite too. You can expect a fine script, nice combination of gameplay elements to enhance the point & shoot FPS genre (which SOF2 failed to do) and a pretty engine to wrap it up in. This is a preorder puppy make no mistake.


You may have been following the recent news concerning the return to the UK of two ships carrying plutonium mixed oxide fuel (known as MOX).

To cut a long story short, British Nuclear Fuels (BNFL) sold the stuff to the Japanese atomic energy crowd a few years back; for use in powering their nuke plants - 1 pellet of MOX can generate more energy than a tonne of coal.

The Japs however refused to accept it on the grounds that documentation provided by BNFL concerning the width of the individual MOX pellets had been false; 5 BNFL staff had basically cut corners and lied on the forms.

Fair enough, the Japs didn't want it - it was the wrong spec, so three years later it finally starts its 18,000 mile trek back to the UK.

I should point out that the MOX consignment is, whilst radioactive in nature, not radioactive in a 'argh! look! my fingers glow green!' sense; it hasn't been used as part of the nuclear energy process as the Japs didn't use it.

Three days ago, the two ships rounded the South Coast and headed up through the Irish Sea to their final destination; one of the UK's most secure nuclear fuel handling plants at Barrow-in-Furness.

The Green Lobby didn't miss a trick; conducting a 'peaceful protest afloat' to demonstrate their anger at the fact this voyage had taken place.

Fair enough I guess, but their reasoning (which the BBC has duly emblazoned across pretty much all coverage they've given this) is utterly pathetic.

They jumped on the post '911' terrorist bandwagon; claiming that the ships contained enough MOX to allow a terrorist organisation to create 50 nuclear bombs. They claim it was irresponsible and unwarranted to allow the ships to enter UK territorial waters; and that the whole thing was a 'Degrading Spectacle'.


Clearly, nobody in Greenpeace has bothered to study the types of ships being used to transport the stuff. These are not, by a long shot, 'typical ships' - they are anything but. Specially constructed, well armed, fully redundant vessels capable of withstanding the most serious weather imaginable and of course, under the command of highly vetted and serious individuals.

The vessels were escorted through the Irish Sea by the Royal Navy, Maritime Police and surveillance was 24/7 - the destination? a specially built high security dock controlled by armed police and the British Atomic Energy Authority.

The irony here is that the MOX was unloaded onto a...train. A *train*; possibly (well statistically speaking) just under cars/lorries when it comes to serious fuckups transport wise. Did they complain about that bit of the equation? course not.

They might have a serious point, and sure nobody in their right mind would be happy with huge quantities of potentially devastating nuclear material being shopped around in a slapdash fashion; but BNFL have been doing this for 30 years, without incident.

So they were right; it was a degrading spectacle; degrading to all those 'greens' who actually bother to find out the facts before jumping on board anything with an engine and proving themselves the idiots afloat.

Wednesday 18 September 2002

UT2003 impressions [lurks]

UT2003 demo is out, woot! So we downloaded it, nice how it's under 100MB so in no time Slim had hosted a server and a few of us (those that can be arsed) got in. It's faster than UT. It's fast and frantic as it should be. The weapons are really nothing amazing, much of them identical over UT. There's less spam and weapons generally need a few hits to take people out, so it's a little more skillful than it was before.

It's pretty to look at but it's also very confusing. I'm having difficulty seeing things correctly, not sure if it's a framerate issue or not. The provided maps, of which we've only tried Deathmatch so far, are bloody huge. Designed for loads of players. Great for public servers but a little less great for us trying a bit of a muck about.

So far there's a sense that it's fun but it's not groundbreaking and actually in some ways is pretty disappointing for a sequel. I guess we need to turn to CTF and the other weird game modes to see if there's any lasting playability there. Nothing wrong with having a mindless blaster game though for that 20 min quick blast on a public.

It strikes me we'll be more concerned with E&B today though, since this starts for real today. We'll try get up a UT2003 public server and check out CTF with a load of players before writing this off wholesale though.

Slim sucks [suit]

Discuss. He really does

Tuesday 17 September 2002

Just what is it that EQ has? [slim]

Suits too much of a faggotry disco bunny to post his own blogs, so I'm going to post this for him.

I'm writing this in a slightly confused state.. I'm trying to figure out what exactly it is that makes EQ stand out from the other MMORPGs.. Well, not quite I guess.. I actualy know the answer, but I'm buggered if I can put my finger on where it comes from..

EQ desipite all its flaws has a living breathing intoxicating community that no other mmorpg has managed to capture IMHO.

DaoC tried and basicaly failed miserably and I find EnB currently sorely lacking one.

Basicaly as much as I'm enjoying EnB at the moment, I'm finding it quite a solo experiance. Not many people talk to each other, and those that do tend to use one of the galaxy wide broadcast channels (there are a number of them for various topics including one for each race/class and trades etc).

I think EnB suffers partialy because its not my genre of choice, while I read widely in the realms of sci-fi, I was always drawn more towards the fantasy genre (strangely mainly those involving wizards in some way..).

It also suffers because I can't emphasis with a souless hulk of metal which is your ship.. and although you do have an independant avater, it forms such a small part of the game its quite hard to get attached.. which is criminal really as the avatars in EnB are probably the best I've seen, the emotes are absolutly amazing and you have to feel that they're being a bit daft playing them down so much.

Possibly its just because its such a new game, theres no master/pupil relationships forming anywhere as nobody really knows whats going on.. where the best places to hunt are or which are the best career moves.

The unfortunate point I keep on comming to is that the reason EQ succeeded in creating such a spot on comunity was (no, it can't just be the people who play on BB.. althought admitedly BB has got a top selection of people playing on it) is because it was just so flawed in places..

The nececcity to group from the early levels forced you into contact with people.. The blatently awful treetment of the playing comunity by Verant at times made people band together against a common enemy. At the start there really wasn't any alternative out there so it was a case of get on with it or sod off and don't play mmorpgs.

Every game since has sold its self on 'not having the same hangups as EQ'.. The ones that spring to mind are the ability to solo efectively until the very high levels and a general attitude of 'the customer is always right'.

I suppose they don't have much choice anymore as theres no longer a shortage of MMORPGS out there, they have to try and get the people in and keep them there.. but this current stance really does seem to have caused the genre to loose something along the way.

I've no idea what can be done to bring the future mmorpgs the kind of comunitity that was present in EQ, but I really think that if someone doesn't figure it out fast, we really are doomed to mmorpg after mmorpg comming out, cookie cutter fashon, with little more to offer than flashier graphics.

Anyway. Maybe its a good thing, I'm enjoying EnB at the moment and I fully intend to support it for a little while after it goes live.. the developers have done a great job on it.. However my seemingly endless search for a new gaming mecca after leaving EQ (for good) hasn't ended yet it would appear.

Saturday 14 September 2002

Earth and Beyond initial impressions [lurks]

A number of us have waxed lyrical about how fabulous an online massively multiplayer Elite clone would be. It's been something that I've not only ranted about to my friends but also written features about in the dim and distant past. Actually that feature was kinda hoping that Freelancer would be the one, 3 years ago! Apparently it's still in the works too! Anyhow, I'm not talking about Freelancer, I'm talking about the first game that's turned up which has taken a real stab at doing the whole massively multiplayer Elite/space opera genre. Earth and Beyond, which is now in public beta. A public beta I've been playing the last couple of days so I thought I'd give a run down on how it's shaping up.

First thing, the authors of this are aiming the game at people familiar with massively multiplayer games. So their communications are all full of the same sort of mmorpg jargo you might hear in Everquest or DAOC. It's a little annoying but explains their background at least. In this respect firing up E&B is just like any other mmorpg, a patcher window displays the latest news and then checks to see if your patches are up to date. However there's also a configuration tool which does little more than fire up the graphics engine and tell you if your graphics card is fill-rate limited (will chug) or not. Surprisingly it will chug with AA enabled even on my GF3 Ti500, generally during lots of transparent bits, of which there are plenty.

When you run the game and the patcher has launched, you're into logging in with your user/pass account. Then it's the familiar mmorpg character creation system. We're talking about choosing a class from six possibles and then customizing your ship's appearance and your own character's appearance. I found the ship customization in terms of geometry somewhat limited although no real complaints on the range of choices for your character excepting that this appears oversaturated. Basically everything in E&B is extremely colourful disregarding any issues of taste whatsoever. This is a shame as it makes the beautiful space scenery look ordinary in comparison.

Now the game does indeed look very very lush. However what's hiding underneath all of this? What's it like to drive a ship around and basically do stuff? Well... let's put it this way. Controlling your ship in E&B is rather like controlling characters in mmorpgs as opposed to Quake. In other words, there is absolutely no focus on handling your ship, flying, dog-fighting or anything like it. The control is an insultingly simple right mouse button and point in the direction you want to go. There's no main thrust, maneuvering thrusters system with anything approximating real flight controls. You also stop if you stop thrusting, yes that's how lame it really is.

This leaves me bitterly disappointed at the apparent dumbing down in this area. However rather than bitching about this, let's just accept it and move on. The whole statistics element of the game is much more complex and this is basically what you need to concentrate on rather than learning to fly, as it were. Experience is split up into combat, exploration and trade. Which is interesting but odd. Basically flying around just raises the exploration level without you doing anything, you get a wodge for every sector you fly through that you've never seen before. Combat is obvious, kill bad guys and get combat xp. Trading happens whenever you buy and sell stuff.

Every time any of them raise, your actual level itself raises. So in just a day's play you can expect to hit 20 or so. Every time you raise a level, you get skill points. These can be spent upgrading your abilities such as engine, shield and reactor skills - allowing you to use higher level engine, shields and reactors. Same goes for beam, projectile and missile weapons except that raising skill makes you more accurate. You start at level 1 and it's comical how wide of the mark your laser will go 4/5 times. Without elaborating on this stuff further, I find the statistics and equipment you can change on your ship as fairly engaging stuff. This is the most interesting aspect of E&B thus far.

Combat is, basically, brain dead. You target and fire. Generally you have your favorite weapon set up to auto fire. There's keys to switch targets afterwards and dead hulks can be looted. The time delay on expiring hulks with some loot in them is too long, so unless you loot in the middle of battle, you have a devil of a time finding the appropriate hulks which have the actual valuable loot. No one bothers with the garbage loot since cargo space is at a premium.

It has to be said, if you fancy playing this game for combat then you're going to have to get with the idea of getting groups to do everything. The game tips combat towards groups and in fact is generous with extra XP and weapon effectiveness bonuses in groups and the various classes bring their special effects to each group as well. My sentinel class will decrease energy usage from weapons and can jump-start dead players (resurrect, in effect).

The missions are OKish but the NPCs are often wordy with just badly written stories. There's a very great deal of just flying around, or rather 'warping' which is the same as flying only at about 10X speed. Fortunately the game lets you alt-tab to Windows quite happily and actually continues playing, ideal for popping back to IRC when warping! The whole chat/group/channel conversation system is functional but the first thing you need to learn to do is get out of the public channels such as 'new players' which are full of horrendous yank kiddies saying 'xbox r0x0rs u fag!'.

There lies a big problem. The game is group focused, as any mmorpg, but the players are generally sociopathic yank kiddies. It's not going to be a heck of a lot of fun unless you get your own mates and turn off all the public channels. We can only hope for some European servers!

Another thing I noticed, the class balance is also appears quite broken. The terran 'Enforcer' class I gave a bash. This supposed to be a fighter type class, however I got mullered repeatedly on the training drones. Stuff I had absolutely no difficulty with as a Sentinel. As an Enforcer I had to sit around and beg for a group, despite loads of solo players around. In the end, resorting to spam inviting them, just to kill the basic stuff to get through training.

Then you've got these folks in your group, you talk to them. They don't talk back. Oh dear, this really isn't how it should be but then it's not really a fault of the game itself. As an mmorpg, we can expect a lot of further class balancing as the game goes on and of course some good fan sites with strategy guides to the classes and so on. It seems pretty quick to level up to get into the action, so it's far far less time consuming and frustrating than the fantasy mmorpgs are in my experience.

Overall, this is an easy game to get into. An annoying yank bitch tutorial persona (tip, turn dialog volume down) guides you through all the important stuff getting started. The game looks fantastic in outer space, planet fall is amazing although the internal station/planet stuff is spartan seemingly trying to make up for it by using every extreme colour in RGB range. It's definitely got promise although it's all going to depend on whether the mid and end-game phases bring significantly new material to the party to keep it interesting. Group tactics and story content will be the measure of it's success.

While it's not the savior we hoped this genre would be, E&B is definitely worth a look and has every chance of getting a heck of a lot better. The expansion possibilities for it are nearly limitless. E&B is out on the 24th of this month in the US. Beta folks get to keep their account for two weeks before it goes live. Shall we start a guild then?

Stumpy Storm Demo [slim]

Just tried the Desert Storm demo. It's on games domain for anyone that fancies it, I didn't get the warez in the end from a rare attack of the guilties cos me mate stumpy works at pivotal, bah!

Anyway, its pretty good. It's a bit like hidden and dangerous, 3rd person squad based thing, but not as tough, and not as simmy. Plays a bit arcadey to be honest, can't quite put my finger on why, but it's not as realistic as the ghost recon type stuff. Visuals are nice, if not stunning, and the mission in the demo is fun enough. Only one soldier to control in it though, so I didn't try the squad stuff.

There also appears to be multiplayer stuff in there, which was a surprise to me.

So, less realistic, arcadeyish squad based army desert action. Sound good to you?

Friday 13 September 2002

Customer Service plus a fun link [spiny]

I usually like to pimp companies when I get good service as for me it's the only thing differentiating bewteen competitors these days. Especially when prices are so competetive everywhere.

The memory on my radeon 8500 gave out - ouch. I had great after sales service from overclockers uk who RMAd my card. They recieved the old one Monday & I had the replacement in my hands yesterday (Thursday). Top stuff, especially compared to dabs, who, a friend of mine had a bit of stress RMAing a DOA IBM hard drive recently.

This really makes the difference for me, which is why they'll get my business next time, not dabs. Whom to be fair are probably a victim of their own success to some extent. Get some staff dabspe0ns :)< BR>
While you're at it, check out this thread at the uk2k3 forums. I was in stitches looking at some of the pictures in this thread.


Thursday 12 September 2002

Fucking ISP Pe0ns [vagga]

I've been with Eclipse for my ADSL ever since I got over here. One of the great things about the UK is that there are loads of places you can get high quality Internet services. Why did I pick Eclipse, well at the time I was looking Lurks had just done some tests and said that it was the best around! also agreed that it was very good so I signed up.

Every single person in our office now uses eclipse for ADSL at home. Most find them great to deal with, and the service is amazing. There is never really anything to moan about! At my last address I had an outage for a few days, but that was BT pulling the plug on my building to upgrade something. So I had to actually go out and do stuff that weekend, which cant be a bad thing I suppose!

Now I have just moved house, and they said they could move my account, which was great. I thought, in my innocence, I would move and just plug in the router and bingo, we would be ready. Now, as we all know, life is not that easy. I had to reorder for the new address, and wait for BT to do their tests and then Eclipse would transfer my account details. It took 8 days from BT saying they would have to look at the line and it would take 24 hours (via eclipse's cool web tracking system) to them doing the work. But that happens I did not loose much sleep over it. I was using my modem, and realising how shit life was in the olden days of modems!

Eventually things got ready, and I was confirmed and ready to go. I reconfigured the router with the new information on Wednesday night and it was working. I set a few things to download to give it a test, we really seemed sorted.

The next night though I got home late from work and went to check things, and see if the downloads worked. I had no connection. I said to myself 'fuckit, its prolly a short term outage'. I logged the issue with Eclipse via their online issue logging and I just turned the PC off and went to bed.

The next night, Friday, I was home late again after going to a work thing, and was not home until 11. I powered it up expecting things to be fixed, but alas it was not working. I had no external connection. I checked the phone and it worked, and it had the crackling sound you get when you have ADSL on the line. I went into the web config of the router and I could see that it saw the internet. But I could not. I was baffled, but I left it alone and said to myself that I would have a look at it on Saturday morning.

On Saturday morning I checked all my settings, and that I did not have something stupid like the wrong internal IP or something. All seemed fine. I dialled up on the slllooooowwwww modem and went to the eclipse's web support, and updated my call. I had to laugh; they had updated it to say that they had rang and left a message asking me to ring them on Monday so they could do some tests on the line, to see if the phone line is at fault. I laugh because I don't have the BT answer phone system on the phone line. So they could not have left any message anywhere. Fucking Pe0ns.=20

I just decided to double check on the settings one last time. Don't know way, as I had them printed out. As soon as the page opened I could not believe it. The fuckers had changed the IP's allocated to me. I could not believe that they had changed the IP's after telling me I was live and ready to go and not told me they were changing them. If they had told me 'we are changing your IP's, here they are' that would not be an issue at all. But they just changed them and never told anyone.

The word 'incompetent' springs to mind!

de simpsons [spiro]

We've all seen our fair share of custom maps for Counter-strike. But I can honestly say that i've never come across anything as silly as de_Simpsons. This new counter strike map tries to recreate the world of Springfield, and I fairness it does. This bright cartoon style map can and will only ever be fun.

There are 2 bomb sites, the first is in Mr Burns Office and the second is in the main street near CT spawn. One of the nice touches to this map are the sound effects, as you run around killing you'll hear conversations and comments from Simpsons characters. Now if that is bad enough during one of the rounds played last night by myself and Homer 'Slim' Simpson (to be joined later by Marge 'suit' Simpson) the characters started singing !! yes thats right, full chorus singing. You may think god what a nightmare but it didn't stop me from filling Homer 'Slim' Simpson full of lead all night :-)

Lets not forget the tree house, Fantastic CT sniper point all entrances from T spawn to bomb site 2 are covered by this. But if you don't like the idea of being stuck in a little box then climb out on to the branches and hide in the foliage. Homer 'Slim' Simpson and Marge 'suit' Simpson were unaware of the vantage point and quickly discovered their fatal error.

My big disappointment came when finding that Moe's was shut, i've always wanted to try a Duff beer.

I can't see this map being on general rotation, but as a once in a while map it rocks. Its really nice to see something original, the last time I saw something like this was the halflife map 'ratz'. Links to the download site and some screenshot links are below.

Wednesday 11 September 2002

Isle of teh Mongs - country???!! [muz]

There is some debate in the channel as to the correct term to describe the Isle of Man. Definitions range from "WE'RE OUR OWN COUNTRY, DAMMIT!" to "It's part of the UK." to "It's a rock in the Irish Sea that no-one wants, who gives a fuck?"

We now submit the issue to the commentary of the collected wisdom that is Clan Eat Electric Death - though in our traditions of slackness it is expected that only Lurker, Am and Slim will actually respond.

Tuesday 10 September 2002

Vagga gets issued a P30n [lurks]

This is a sad and sorry tale I have to tell my friends. It all started innocently enough;

Lurks I sent a blog to the webbie via the email system and it never appeared? Im wondering could it be the nickname? Does it matter if I out the nick as vagga or what?

After a lengthy diagnostic process, during which time I continued to suspect this was an SRI, we confirmed that Vagga had been sending e-mail to the wrong e-mail address.

thanks, and I am a pe0n. I think admiting it is the first step to sorting it out :)
totally my fault, as per always
wrong address? :)
* Vagga hides under table

Unfortunately this leaves us no alternative other than to issue a clan P30-n form immediately. Sad days.

Eat what your given you scroungers! [lurks]

Howdy, get this. According to the BBC some big wig church in Gloucester has told people not to donate baked beans for asylum seekers. Apparently the asylum seekers don't like them. That's right;

'They've got used to the other great British dishes like fish and chips and chicken tikka masala but baked beans haven't really hit the mark for them.'

Let me get this straight. This asylum seekers, you know the ones that had to cross Germany and France to get here, are quite taken with fish and chips and chicken tikka masala. However the feckers don't like baked beans. Well boo fucking hoo!

That's outrageous! I know I'll have the political correctness police down my throat but for fuck sake what's going on here! They shouldn't be fecking given fish and fecking chips and chicken fecking tikka fecking masala, it should be beans and ONLY beans. Sounds like they're eating a heck of a lot better than our homeless people so they can pick and choose?!

Then maybe the feckers will stay in France to avoid a staple diet of baked beans. Let's start dropping leaflets in Azerbaijan which say 'No more fish and chips in England! Only baked beans! Stay home!'

Sujoy on the box [spiro]

Just as I was wondering what to watch on TV tonight!

Sujoy: 'I've just returned from filming another WCG news piece for the BBC. This one is going to be shown on BBC 1 News at 6 GMT, so it's prime-time television. I have no idea how the piece will turn out, but if you're in the UK you can tune in at 6pm today and watch with the rest of us to find out!'

I didn't see the broadcast item so I can't comment on the content. A post to esreality from an anonymous said '7 lines on wcg? A few words by Sujoy and some dude of joystick junkies'.

Thats about it, Beej saw the item so maybe he can add a bit to this very short blog.