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Tuesday 10 September 2002

Vagga gets issued a P30n [lurks]

This is a sad and sorry tale I have to tell my friends. It all started innocently enough;

Lurks I sent a blog to the webbie via the email system and it never appeared? Im wondering could it be the nickname? Does it matter if I out the nick as vagga or what?

After a lengthy diagnostic process, during which time I continued to suspect this was an SRI, we confirmed that Vagga had been sending e-mail to the wrong e-mail address.

thanks, and I am a pe0n. I think admiting it is the first step to sorting it out :)
totally my fault, as per always
wrong address? :)
* Vagga hides under table

Unfortunately this leaves us no alternative other than to issue a clan P30-n form immediately. Sad days.

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