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Friday 13 September 2002

Customer Service plus a fun link [spiny]

I usually like to pimp companies when I get good service as for me it's the only thing differentiating bewteen competitors these days. Especially when prices are so competetive everywhere.

The memory on my radeon 8500 gave out - ouch. I had great after sales service from overclockers uk who RMAd my card. They recieved the old one Monday & I had the replacement in my hands yesterday (Thursday). Top stuff, especially compared to dabs, who, a friend of mine had a bit of stress RMAing a DOA IBM hard drive recently.

This really makes the difference for me, which is why they'll get my business next time, not dabs. Whom to be fair are probably a victim of their own success to some extent. Get some staff dabspe0ns :)< BR>
While you're at it, check out this thread at the uk2k3 forums. I was in stitches looking at some of the pictures in this thread.



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