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Thursday 12 September 2002

de simpsons [spiro]

We've all seen our fair share of custom maps for Counter-strike. But I can honestly say that i've never come across anything as silly as de_Simpsons. This new counter strike map tries to recreate the world of Springfield, and I fairness it does. This bright cartoon style map can and will only ever be fun.

There are 2 bomb sites, the first is in Mr Burns Office and the second is in the main street near CT spawn. One of the nice touches to this map are the sound effects, as you run around killing you'll hear conversations and comments from Simpsons characters. Now if that is bad enough during one of the rounds played last night by myself and Homer 'Slim' Simpson (to be joined later by Marge 'suit' Simpson) the characters started singing !! yes thats right, full chorus singing. You may think god what a nightmare but it didn't stop me from filling Homer 'Slim' Simpson full of lead all night :-)

Lets not forget the tree house, Fantastic CT sniper point all entrances from T spawn to bomb site 2 are covered by this. But if you don't like the idea of being stuck in a little box then climb out on to the branches and hide in the foliage. Homer 'Slim' Simpson and Marge 'suit' Simpson were unaware of the vantage point and quickly discovered their fatal error.

My big disappointment came when finding that Moe's was shut, i've always wanted to try a Duff beer.

I can't see this map being on general rotation, but as a once in a while map it rocks. Its really nice to see something original, the last time I saw something like this was the halflife map 'ratz'. Links to the download site and some screenshot links are below.


  1. Interesting.. I would of likened spiro to Maggie normaly due to the fact he sucks so much

  2. 2 on 1 and I still come out on top. If thats sucking I fail to find words to describe your skill level :-)

  3. I belive the technical term is 'cheating camping fecker' :)

  4. ur links are broken. plz fix them

  5. No, this blog is over two years old. We've moved on, even if you haven't.