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Saturday 14 September 2002

Stumpy Storm Demo [slim]

Just tried the Desert Storm demo. It's on games domain for anyone that fancies it, I didn't get the warez in the end from a rare attack of the guilties cos me mate stumpy works at pivotal, bah!

Anyway, its pretty good. It's a bit like hidden and dangerous, 3rd person squad based thing, but not as tough, and not as simmy. Plays a bit arcadey to be honest, can't quite put my finger on why, but it's not as realistic as the ghost recon type stuff. Visuals are nice, if not stunning, and the mission in the demo is fun enough. Only one soldier to control in it though, so I didn't try the squad stuff.

There also appears to be multiplayer stuff in there, which was a surprise to me.

So, less realistic, arcadeyish squad based army desert action. Sound good to you?


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