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Tuesday 10 September 2002

Eat what your given you scroungers! [lurks]

Howdy, get this. According to the BBC some big wig church in Gloucester has told people not to donate baked beans for asylum seekers. Apparently the asylum seekers don't like them. That's right;

'They've got used to the other great British dishes like fish and chips and chicken tikka masala but baked beans haven't really hit the mark for them.'

Let me get this straight. This asylum seekers, you know the ones that had to cross Germany and France to get here, are quite taken with fish and chips and chicken tikka masala. However the feckers don't like baked beans. Well boo fucking hoo!

That's outrageous! I know I'll have the political correctness police down my throat but for fuck sake what's going on here! They shouldn't be fecking given fish and fecking chips and chicken fecking tikka fecking masala, it should be beans and ONLY beans. Sounds like they're eating a heck of a lot better than our homeless people so they can pick and choose?!

Then maybe the feckers will stay in France to avoid a staple diet of baked beans. Let's start dropping leaflets in Azerbaijan which say 'No more fish and chips in England! Only baked beans! Stay home!'


  1. Hmm, Skeeve is a welsh asylum seeker - it all makes sense now.

  2. Beggars can't be choosers. - John Heywood (c.1497-1580) ring any bells ?