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Tuesday 10 September 2002

Sujoy on the box [spiro]

Just as I was wondering what to watch on TV tonight!

Sujoy: 'I've just returned from filming another WCG news piece for the BBC. This one is going to be shown on BBC 1 News at 6 GMT, so it's prime-time television. I have no idea how the piece will turn out, but if you're in the UK you can tune in at 6pm today and watch with the rest of us to find out!'

I didn't see the broadcast item so I can't comment on the content. A post to esreality from an anonymous said '7 lines on wcg? A few words by Sujoy and some dude of joystick junkies'.

Thats about it, Beej saw the item so maybe he can add a bit to this very short blog.


  1. Odds on Sujoy claims he gets paid a fortune by being a pro gamer. This miracle despite not actually winning anything and not being sponsored by anyone. God this whole computer games as sports shite is long past it's sell-by.

  2. It was the same predict-o-yarn that hasn't changed since the dot-com boom: Sujoy blabbing about how rich he is, and the marketroid drone from Joystick Junkies repeating the same old spiel on games being worth more than Hollywood.

    There is no sponsorship money. There are no olympics. It doesn't make good tv. Any kind of penetration to normal life, let alone mainstream tv, is frickin' years off. What a bunch of boring fucktards!

  3. URL: Pro Gaming, my future job !!.URL: Kate Russell reports. .Hang on, this looks like the same report, just rehashed. Pro gaming really is a thing of the past.

  4. Except for me of course. Obviously I'm a professional!