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Monday 10 November 2008

Fortune favours the prepared [Muz]

So, due to circumstances beyond my control (evil builders taking over garage and trapping bike, followed by being forced to work in the arse end of nowhere), this week has been my first time back commuting on my bike for a couple of months.Second day in, what happens, but the dreaded puncture. It's cold, wet and dark, on the way home. Luckily, I'm prepared for this sort of emergency. However, I did contemplate, while I was changing out said tyre - what is in the essential roadside repair kit?

A spare tube is a must, obviously, along with tyre levers, stored in a convenient saddle-pack. It also contains a patch kit, just in case I suffer two punctures and need to do a field repair.

Then comes the requisite pump. I prefer the Road Morph G; handy because it can be turned into a mini-standing pump, and because it comes with an inline pressure gauge so you know when your tyres are about to burst. All of the above are stored on the bike - in fact, I have duplicates on both my bikes so I don't need to worry about swapping them over all the time.In addition, I normally carry my Leatherman Fuse, along with a ratcheted allen key set; most useful should seat, brakes etc need adjusting on the fly.After today's debacle, I'm considering getting a CO2 inflation canister and/or some gloop tyres.

What do the rest of EED's self-propelled, two-wheeled contingent have in their tool kits?


  1. A spear for moments when jousting is required

  2. Topeak Alien Park Tools Patch Kit Spare Tube Tyre Levers Emergency LightCarried in a bottle cage pack plus a Blackburn Pump (IIRC) on the frame.A supersoaker filled with paint stripper would be a pretty cool addition though :>

  3. Ooh, I love that bottle cage pack, what a great idea! Muz, instead of the leatherman, socket set and tyre leavers, I carry the Toppeak multitool, which has tyre leavers built in:HereI don't carry a pump on the bike, but in my pocket, means it comes with me and I don't worry about getting it robbed. I also carry a puncture repair kit, in case you get more than one puncture.Never used any of it, as the most essential part of my bike kit is a mobile phone, so if I get a puncture I just ring her up for an evac!

  4. About £50 in cash for a taxi home. The only additional things I carry are spare batteries and waterproof plasters. all neatly contained in an under saddle pack. The C02 inflation units are cool if you really are in that much of a rush, I prefer to use a pump, makes me feel less guilty.

  5. So, I used to carry the Alien about, but I found the tyre levers weren't that practical compared to a £3 set of plastic ones; the main reason I have the Leatherman is in case I need to screw with brake/gear cables. Having a set of pliers/wire cutters about can be dead handy. All I was using on the Alien were the allen keys, so I decided to get a separate set and ditch the Alien.


  6. Fair play, but I've been glad of a multi tool before. Broke a chain on Coed-y-Brenyn once.

  7. Ah - you obviously didn't follow any of my links. The ratchet widget also includes a chain tool. :)