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Thursday 5 April 2007

Ola [Am]

Course, as you sit in the low 70 degrees heat, chomping thoughtfully on a large beer with a small amount of ice crystals noodling around in the head at the very small internet cafe, it would be natural to log in to talk to ones clannies on irc. However I am getting g-lined due to naughtiness espanola style on this piece of shit isp (no no idea wot it is).
Could have sworn there used to be some useful java irc applets on ukgamer and even eurogamer but buggered if I can find em. If anyone knows of one that will circumvent isp-lameness straight into quakenet, blog it up. That is the short term fix. Beej - I think you should get on with the medium term fix eh bud :)
There is a blog or two from this little sojourn in the sun but pending better cummuniçation, that will have to wait eh.
Adios. De nada. Muchos graçias. Una palermo blanca. La plume de ma tante. Fuxyas ;)


  1. IRC link is big style on Treehuggery *or* there's a deprecated EED page that still werks for the leet... to be found by going to :-)

  2. A beautiful idea beej and indeed it would have worked perfectly if there wasn´t some anti .fr dastardlyness on the link which also blocked me out, no doubt for bonafide reasons.
    What would be useful is member and password access to this without the country filters so that erstwhile displaced clannies can log. Could you make it so please web-bwana. Atta bwoy!

  3. The clan is itching to know Gerald, old sock: have you embezzled a cool billion from your employers and fled to a non-extradition treaty South American country?

  4. Least zed soonest mendested old sock shurely. I couldn´t possibly say.
    Part from blimey there´s a load of naked tits oot this part of the world and a highly entertaining chav next to me who is on skype in errrr Mandarin or Cantonese (no idea which one) but he entertainingly cradles his head in both hands and pushes his nose onto the keyboard when he is talking (endlessly for like *minutes and minutes* in a row, crouched there...). Sound weird¿ I tell no word of a lie. The whole headcradlin nose boffin technology is fully in place. Abso crackin lutely - try sitting next to it! Oh also he makes weird obsessive notes of what he´s talking about despite his nose being on the keyboard.....
    It should be easier being an english gentleman abroad shurely old hearts.......

  5. Every time an Englishman goes on holiday to France, a beutiful English maiden inexplicably is gripped by the need to venture into the garden, find a red breast robin a singing and snap it's neck.

  6. It's the ip that's glined mate not the app, so you're fooked from that venue.

  7. Damn and blast, that´s muppet cocketry if ever I heard it.
    Beej we need the following - a universal passworded j-irc alike which uses the bandy (i.e. fuck all before you bleat Slim) and isp for the purposes of avoiding clanners getting g-lined when trying to login from tinpot republics. If you do it, I shall call you leet. Once, behind closed doors, in Anchorage, in sign language, on a quiet Monday.
    So I sat here for a while and read some old blogs. Quite entertaining. However nothing as entertaining as the blonde holiday rep wearing the kid´s club t-shirt accidentally firing up some pics from a memory card on the puter next to me, which had a pic of her and her mate´s naked arses bent over a sofa laughing like mad. She sort of blushed, but not a lot and then looked at my screen. No word of a lie, I had the blog up about life´s ambitions where Slim´s standout line was ´I´d like to eat custard out of kylie´s anus´which she clearly clocked.....
    She didn´t talk much after that heheh....

  8. Simply not possible, you're talking about an irc client that runs from the server, and the server doesnt allow outgoing connections at all. Why not just do what the rest of us do and RDC home?