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Sunday 24 June 2007

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars [Lurks]

There's a video here showing some non-marketroid shot in-game footage of ET:QW. I looked at it and I'm still reeling from disbelief. It can't be that bad, can it?
I mean first there's the basic graphics. It looks like Planetside. It looks like Half-Life 1. It looks fucking old. I mean sure there's an argument to be made for keeping it simple to keep the framerates up but this thing is not a patch on Battlefield to say the least.
It's not just the actual graphics engine though, it's the artwork. It's absolute gash. Whoever worked on the art team for this game wont be using it on their CV any time soon I should think. Ridiculously sparse, boring, derivitive-looking buildings and landscape. Concrete and more concrete, flat walls yadda yadda. Then there's the animation, my god it's desperate. Characters have what looks like Quake 3 style running anims, just something made up by a really bad animater rather than anything that looks remotely like human movement. Or alien movement, whatever.
Then there's the seriously crap derivative looking weapons, the apalling sounds, zero absolutely zero effort on the audio side. The actual gameplay itself, the graphics, the whole game looks like it's five years old and this has the Quake name associated with it?
Splash Damage are clearly incompetent game developers. This game is no labour of love at all, it's pretty much a tick-box implementation of Battlefield with some sort of Doom engine hacked up job. Shame on Splash, shame on Id for licensing the name to such utter turd.
PC multiplayer seems to be slippage after slippage. Still no Team Fortress 2, still no Unreal game. It would have been better if we'd never looked forward to this abomination. Edit: It turns out Splash damage are Brits. Nice one, the only well known multiplayer FPS to get developed on these isles and you make a steaming pile of dogshit. What a great hip hoorah for Britsoft you are.


  1. It is as you say, deeply underwhelming. And its not the quality of the video, or nonsense about low-quality beta textures... the map design, the polycount, the models, the weapons, the audio, the UI has all been done before, and done better.
    Things aren't looking positive at this point :-(
    Oh and btw matey... Splash Damage are Brits... *sob*

  2. The beta forums have many of the same comments and the third most popular thread is one where people playing the beta are debating whether they are gonna buy it or not. Many are saying not.
    There are several other posts that the textures are not those of the real game and screenshots show a lot more detail, looking like the D3 / Q4 engine but perhaps even more worrying, there's one quite entertaining comment that the beta game mechanics are 'a button masher's dream' and that the poster was fed up turning a corner and find some idiot bunny hopping around the place and him endlessly pumping out a full clip trying to nail him.
    Something could change but with all this and unpopularity rising concerning in-game advertising this is looking like it has the potential for a code red fuckup.....

  3. Seriously, I've seen more impressive BF1942 player mods. What a let down!

  4. After seeing the criticism here I was intrigued, and figured that at best it would be worth a go.
    Result: I just quit a server after spending 15 minutes huddled in the sewers with my stroggy teammates, as infiltrator class, stealing GDF uniforms and waiting for the GDF attackers to try and muster with me - at which point I shoot them in the face with my railgun. Fun for all the family! :)
    Admittedly its unpolished, perhaps even rough. But isn't that what one should expect from a beta?

  5. For it to be a complete pile of dogshit? No, not really.