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Friday 16 November 2007

PC Gaming madness [Am]

As Clan Electricdeath is populated by battle hardened PC gaming veterans, it is safe to say that between us, we have seen a game-drought or three. Many times over the years has our cardre of wan-faced listless silicon sailors sat becalmed in the Sea of Nothing-Worth-Playing idly flicking at their mainbraces and wondering how to catch the cabinboy (little Jim Rorz) with his pantaloons round his ankles for want....of....any....just.....*any*....entertainment.

Somone forgot to tell October and November 2007 about that then.

In the space of five weeks we have had the release of The Orange Box featuring Half-Life Epsiode Two, the rather spiffing Portal and a little multi-player game called Team Fortress 2. Then we get the astonishing looking COD4, Gears of War for PC and FEAR Perseus before mentioning that today I was in a queue with eight people all holding a copy of Crysis and that in 7 days time we have a little number called Unreal Tournament III clambouring up the gang plank.

God knows when us scurvy dogs are supposed to find the time to play this all (I still haven't finished the truly excellent and criminally under-regarded MOH Airborne which was also out this year) but lets not stop 'em while they are at it.

And when you come to think of it, Dave found PROJECT:IGA as well *and* we held more than fingers-of-one-finger lans *and* we went to the Isle of Man *and* the clan started playing competitive games as well again after a 7 year brief breather.

Blimey. 2007. A bit of a pearl then. Arrrrrrrrrrrrr.......


  1. And Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance. It's absurd. We've had nothing to play for much of the year. It's stupidity this, because I'm only going to buy the very best of the best. Had Hellgate: London appeared earlier in the year, that would have got a look in and there's actual people umming and ahhing about whether we should buy UT3 or not since it's clearly not a nine or a ten game. Crazy stuff.

    Do all of these publishers believe their game is the best of the best and hence it should whack out in peak season then? Or are they just fools?


  2. Don't forget Bioshock! I'd have probably had a burn on Tabula Rasa too if it wasn't for all the other shit around.

    Throw in your consoles and it's a complete fucking avalanche of games, Mass Effect, Assassins Creed, Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime, Project Gotham, Halo 3, Guitar Hero 3 and Zelda phantom Hourglass. These are all games of the year, and all released within a month or so of each other, realistically I can only buy two or three, yet I'd have bought every one had their release been spread out.

    Have to say tho Am, your lists very fps heavy, don't you fancy a change once in a while?


  3. you are taking this working at home Fridays thing seriously arent you?



  4. Indeed .......and in fact I actually bought Hellgate but lord knows when it gets a look in.

    However, let me make it it abundently clear..... if Captain Blueballs Amnesia orders an inspection of the kitbags before the next AmLan and there isn't a copy of UT3 in every godforsaken one sitting there pink and perky waiting to spin happily in the dvd-drive while over-excited clannies scream 'eat my *$!£ing $*!%' until they are hoarse, then those particular sailors are getting keelhauled round the barnacled bottom of the Flying Tuttman, flogged senseless with 9 copies of daikatana onna rope and then thrown insensate face-down for a lengthy drill by the entire ships' company of 'plug that porthole'.

    I trust this is clear. Mangey curs.


  5. UT3 on preorder here, don't forget Quake Wars too, that's fab & well balanced.

    Tabula Rasa also get's a mere 81% on metacritic so I expect that'll just die. I haven't even played portal yet fucksake! Oh yeah and current console darling Assasin's Creed