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Saturday 9 February 2008

Open authentication [Slim]

I really like this idea: it's an effort to reduce the number of passwords and identities you have online. You specify one of your accounts as your master, and other sites will then authenticate you against this account. Not only does it give you the choice on picking a nice secure master and have fewer passwords to remember, it makes it fairly trivial for you to set up different levels of ID, you can have one for blog comments, forums, that sort of thing, and another for things you like to be more careful with.Of course, it does mean if you're compromised, it's easier to get at more of your stuff. On the other hand, change one password, and all your shits changed too.I'd like to see a commercial service now that'll sell me a central two factor authenticator that I can point a bunch of stuff like, Amazon, Paypal and Google at, and have strong authentication with only one device.


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