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Sunday 13 July 2008

Map My Stuff [Spiny]

Found a nice Google maps mash up site - Map My Ride. It lets you plot cycle routes, tells you distances etc. For a small fee it will do a fancy print but I've not found the need for that so it's basically free. I think you will also use GPS data but I don't have one of those just yet.

The handy thing I found was it puts markers every mile on the map you draw, which is nice for navigation.

I did a loop today which turned from 23 to 30 miles, due to some creativity in the navigation department... although I found a nice pub in the process :)

1 comment:

  1. spiny, ever since I saw this blog it made me want a GPS data logger. So I bought one. Now that's action, baby.

    Qstarz BT-Q1300 Nano - it's the world's smallest data logger and bluetooth GPS receiver, but uses the latest MTK GPS chipset. I paid £67 including 3 day shipping