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Monday 15 September 2008

Interior Decoration For The Leet [DrDave]

Hello Lairlords. A short blog, seeking the wisdom of my peers.

I'm redecorating my home office, where I "work". And I want a decent desk. I don't want one of those mentalist computer desks with fold out flaps and keyboard shelves that jitter and jive when your typing approaches a reasonable pace. I want something long and flat, maybe with some drawers or storage off to one side, but enough workspace to do a couple of monitors, a printer and maybe a novelty dancing plastic flower. Wood, quite light but I'm flexible. About £100 if that's realistic.

So far, my front runner is an Ikea job, but I find myself a little uninspired by that. Please to make recommend.

[Also, an office chair - nothing to expensive, but must have a galant name like "the Matadore", or "the Faustian Lament"]


  1. Find an office liquidation and get a proper working desk. They'll have paid 600 quid for em, and they'll be going for £50, or even free.


  2. I put two of those Joanas desks in our study, one for me, one for mrs. No complaints. Got the chairs at Ikea too, but can't remember the name just now.

  3. I got a l33t leather chair from Staples for about £50.It cushions my fat can nicely.

  4. I'd been using a £40 Argos chipboard jobby for about 6 months when I decided it was time to burn the fucking thing (well, sell it to the neighbours for a fiver).My lair desk is now sleek in white gloss and from Dwell.My lair chair is a repro of an Eames 1958 high back office chair. Made in China and sourced off the 'Bay.My lair drawers are white gloss metal HELMER from Ikea.Have gone with white because my lair is a narrow single bed bedroom and anything darker than beech veneer was not looking good!


  5. I went to one of those second hand office furniture shops. Bought a conference table (roughly 6 foot long plus extra deep + has room for printers behind monitors. Plenty big enough for 2 PCs + laptops) which the chap put one decent legs for me.

    Worth a look around for something like that locally to you


  6. a sheet of marine ply, 4 bits of 3x2 a jig saw, some ikea drawers as storage and a lick of varnish, jobs a good un

  7. What pray did Dr Dave finally settle on?


  8. Dr_Dave's initial simple lick of paint plan has blossomed into a major renovation project. Before I have to make a descision on a desk, I need to develop an opinion on flooring, coving, wall colour, skirting board, archtraves and general trimmings. Bleh.