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Friday 5 December 2008

Skydrive [Slim]

Windows skydive is now 25gb for free, and that space is sharable with pictures and spaces.

I mention it because as a chubby IT bloke I've been given a few friends and colleagues pc's with sick hard drives. A mechanical hard drive failure is depressingly common and almost impossible to recover from without spending a lot of dosh. When this happens, the owner cares about nothing on there except their digital photo pictures, and the thought of losing your pictures of your kids when they were young is really grim. I know I wouldn't want to tell my wife if it happened!

I automatically sync my photies to picassa, it's a feature build into picassa, and it costs me a tenner a year for enough space to store everything. Microsoft has a similar picture system, and the space is included in the 25gb skydrive offer, which is a flippin bargain, details here:­­2/02/our-new-photos-web-service-is-liv­e.­aspx

I prefer picassa because I use lots of google stuff and it's handy having one account, and the face recognition stuff google has is teh awsome, but if you don't want to pay, skydrive is the way.

Do yourself a favor, upload all your pics to a secure space online, even if you do keep a local backup. It's free, and once they're gone, they're gone.


  1. Started my mass upload last night.

    The uploader ActiveX control for IE has a limit of 1000 files but still seems to choke after about 300. Shame it dosen't allow you to upload a whole folder tree.

    What I've done is rename all my files based on the exif data so there're all uniquely named. Then you can do a search in Windows to pull back say a years worth of photos at a time.

    The next version of Windows Live Photo Gallery will include face recognition too. There's a beta along with other stuff up at. I found it a bit crashtastic for daily use at the moment though. In a neat movem they've also made it pluggable, so someone's already created a plugin that allows you to upload to Picasa accounts.


  2. It may already do this, one of you boys can tell me... But what I want to see from an online drive is being able to mount it as a virtual drive in Windows and being able to just write to it as you would a normal drive.


  3. Apprently this worked until the 25Gb upgrade. Guess they'll fix it.

  4. Just tried this software GladiNet, lets you map your skydrive as a local drive. Only annoying thing is the 50mb limit still applies, so no dumping home movies.

    But the client lets you try, so you waste the bandy up then its rejected by SkyDrive.

    However this does allow uploading folders and nested folders rather then their dodgy activeX control.

    Grab it here -

  5. Also lets you map onto picasa, so you can upload your pictures/movies into folders directly. Which is fantastic, except slim done it by hand already!