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Wednesday 11 February 2009

Secunia PSI for home users [Shedir]
Cracking bit of software, scans your PC and lets you know if any of the software has a vuln or needs updating. From what I understand free for home use. Now we all support nuggets all over the land, folk who really only use the PC to fuck it up.
Get this on their boxes, cuts down the footprint for viruses and so on. Keeps all their naff programs current and it's got a dead easy interface. Think of all those reader vulns etc...!


  1. Love the secunia scanner, it's particularly good for spotting things that are easy to miss; for example Java updates leave the old version of Java intact, which have to be manually removed. It doesn't do windows updates very well though, so you need to be mindful of that.


  2. Nice little app. Found a few dormant programs I'd forgotten I even had installed and made me aware of updates to programs that I never thought I needed to update as they worked just fine (Foxit reader being a good example)

    One thing though, make sure you switch the mode to advanced. I cleaned my machine of the seven threats it initially found, feeling all smug I noticed the advanced mode and thought I'd have a play and in advanced mode, it found an additional 17 threats. Ouch. More to do there.