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Thursday 7 May 2009

Space Invaders Extreme (360)

The style of Space Invaders Extreme reminds me of Pac Man CE, jazzed up enough to include some trippy visuals and music but not overdone so you can't see and here the original classic game. Visuals are superb in HD on a large screen, particularly as I'd only played it on the DS where it was very cramped. The whirly backgrounds seem to be nuon inspired, or even nuon itself, but quite low key and not something you notice most of the time.

The game itself is still 'shoot a block of enemies', but it adds a combo system where you can shoot a row, a column or a colour at a time to get power ups and activate bonus levels. The bonus sections whip you out of your current wave, into a bonus screen for a few seconds, then plonk you back where you were. Seems a bit bonkers but it does help to make the game feel more varied. Chuck in some boss fights, power ups and wave variations and you've got quite a lot to concentrate on.

Other goodies are the mandatory live leaderboards for all game modes and a bunch of multiplayer cooperative and versus modes including a great coop mode with individual objectives that me and my boy are having a blast with. It's 800 points too, which is a third of the PSP and DS versions price, so an absolute bargain.


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