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Thursday 1 October 2009

Useful Android apps on my HTC Hero

THERE'S AN APP FOR THAT! Thanks macspacks, we know you're into Steve Jobs for £50/month for 2 years! What we need is my overdue blog on what's running for free on my HTC Hero! Here are some apps I'm trying.

Here's my home screen. You know it has 4 virtual desktops to the left and right though? :)

This is beebPlayer.

WifiAnalyzer, useful for seeing what's around, or troubleshooting at home.

Google Scoreboard. Tell it any sport you want updates on, like an F1 driver or women's volleyball team. It will notify last/next game, and notify on goals as well.

Shop Savvy! Still testing this. It thought this can of Stella 4 was something totally different :(

3G Watchdog to check how much data I'm using. I found on holiday in Scotland, roaming all day every day, that I still didn't get near my 1GB limit (do youtube streaming over wifi, that's my tip!), but my next test will be trying it abroad where data roaming is charged 1MB @ £6 (ulp!).

gTraffic, much better than the similar UK Traffic. Lists roadworks and accidents or plots them to a map.

The terrifying Mileage app. Which I regret using. As I am learning what I'm REALLY spending on planet-killing through the medium of precise fuel statology!

Scorchio, an unofficial hotukdeals app. Heat and rep added!

Anyone else want to share Android app experiences...?

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  1. Wow, EED is still going? I'm impressed / amazed.

    I rememeber day one, man.

    Hello all.

    (was, once, [EEDlv]eurisko)