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Friday 19 February 2010


I've been using Growl to get popup notifications from Pidgin for some time. (I use Pidgin as a replacement for the bloated Sametime at work.

Now, mIRC can do it's own toast popups, but the neat thing about Growl is that you can send notifications on to other computers running it. FWIW, Growl notifications also look a bit nicer than the mIRC ones.

If you bung this script* into your remote script editor in mIRC, it'll push any mIRC highlights to Growl.

on *:TEXT:$(* $+ $me $+ *):#: {
if ($highlight($1-)) {
run "E:\Program Files\Growl for Windows\growlnotify.exe" $qt(/t: $chan - $nick) /a:mIRC /n:"Notice" $qt($strip($1-))

Registering mIRC with growl is done by:

growlnotify /t:"title" /a:mIRC /r:"Highlight","Notice","Priv" "Some message"

Now, some kind bunny has written a Growl plugin for Windows Media Centre

So to get your mIRC highlights from the lair to the lounge, you just need to install that & push the Growl notifications there.

You metros can also forward notifications to your iPhones using Prowl

* Developed in #eed by me, spamming the bot :)


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