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Friday 14 October 2005

iPod Video [Beej]

So the new iPod Video has been announced. It is not unusual or unexpected, and if anything it is a bit of a disappointment. Would you pay $2 for an episode of Lost or Desperate Housewives to watch on the bus? Who actually wants to buy a music video when they can just watch MTV? Well not me, that's for sure.
As a long-time iPod user, I need a new iPod and it may as well have this new 262k screen even if I have no intention of using it for video - I have a PSP for that. Newcomers to portable video would almost certainly be better off with an Archos GMini...


  1. Im a big ipod fan. I use mine every day [2+ years later and the battery is fine!]
    What I wonder is why in the name of god would you want to look at video on a tiny ipod screen? It seems pretty pointless to me.
    I think it was a subject discussed on 'this week in tech' [ace podcast] a few of weeks back, but its a good example of tech for the sake of it. "its crap, no one will buy it after the initial rush [ala itunes phone] but lets release it anyway"

  2. With this version, video is just a feature tickmarks. The real selling points will be the extra slimness of this version and the option of getting a fullsize black ipod, that isn't the stupid u2 model.

  3. The iPod was a winner because it supported the de facto standard, mp3. Any hand held video device that dosen't support Xvid/DivX or has a VERY easy way of transcoding is pretty lame. I quite fancy an epson p2000 although it looks a little fat.

  4. Arise blog, ariiiisseee...OK, despite the small screen, I bought one as I wanted some sort of portable video solution and I I loved my ipodThe PSP couldn't hold enough at 2gbAn archos was too expensive and I'm not a fan of them.It's OK for short clips & "vodcasts" & trailers. I've watched a movie, although for these you really need the screen up close due to its small size. Not really an option unless you're desperate. I may give it a go on the exersise bike. Transcoding stuff is easy, check back soon for a supertest.Anyways (as Strong Bad would say), what picks can I recommend video wise (my scores)? Strong Bad emails (10/10)Ask A Ninja (9/10)Gamespot On The Spot (7/10)PC Gamer Video Podcast (7/10)Anyone else have vodcast recommendations?

  5. First of my transcoding guides up.

  6. Bump for an old blog.
    The second and third parts have been up for a while, I just forgot to link from here.
    Silly me.

  7. I use mine in the gym when I'm doing cardiovascular work to watch Doctor Who and Top Gear episodes. I can get away with being a geek without actually looking like a geek.