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Thursday 8 December 2005

Recipe: Seafood Skillz Omelete [Lurks]

It's been awhile since I've shoved up a recipe and this afternoon when I perused our fridge, I found an odd assortment of ingredients that have to be eaten before our move this weekend. These are often the most inventive circumstances for cooking and having been surprised and not only cooking something edible but something rather unique, I thought I'd try pass it on as a recipe.
Without further ado, here's the Seafood Skillz Omelete. Here's what we're going to need to serve two:
  • Two chunky fillets of salmon
  • Can of tune
  • Small can of sweetcorn
  • Half a dozen free-range eggs
  • Some grated mature cheddar
  • Herbs de province
  • Mayonaise

First of all, I had already premade a tuna sweetcorn mixture for sandwiches so I describe this first. Grab a dish and slap in a whole can of tuna. Then pitch in a good couple of pinches of herbs de province or other mix herbs to your taste. Add a nice desert spoon of mayonaise and some sweet core and bobs your uncle. Just swizz it around with a fork until it's all broken up and and a nice tuna sweetcorn paste. Don't forget to season, I wouldn't bother with salt here but pepper is the business.
Now get another dish, pitch all them eggs in. Add a dash of worcestershire sauce, a heavy splash of milk (not too much, milky omelettes are nasty) and the grated cheese. Mix that all up and season again, I'm partial to pepper again and a pinch of paprika.
Now get a small fry pan nice and hot. I'd use vegetable or groundnut oil here instead of butter personally. Pour in half your mixture for your first omlette and just be careful that you don't end up with all the grated cheese in the second one since it sinks to the bottom. Fork it out if needs be. Leave it on high for a couple of minutes and swish it around. If you've got too much uncooked on top, you've probably got some puffy bits, make a hole in those spots and let the liquid poor through underneath. This'll get you a consistently thick and fluffy chappy.
Shift to a lower heat while it puffs up. After it has, then you can swish the omlette around in your pan to loosen it and then flip it over in situe with a deft flick of the wrist. That's what the skillz is in the recipe name for! Just whack the heat on high for a minute to seal up the top of the omlette. This will actually become the base.
You probably had a couple of minutes to spare in that, so now it's a good time to cook up the salmon. If you're lazy or seemingly every kitchen appliance you owned is packed into a box like I found, you can microwave salmon with careful attention. Space the fillets right out on a plate, spoon a little water on the pan, cover in cling film and make some holes and then zap for a couple of minutes and let stand. You'll probably need to zap again, but let it stand and check first. Overcooked salmon also sucks. It would be better to poach the salmon if you can spare the time but if you're careful, a microwave is fine.
You're also going to need to microwave that tuna mix so it's at least warm. That shouldn't take more than 30 seconds. It should gently start to leak a milky fluid and that's great, it counteracts the dryness of the omlette. Hopefully your omlettes are shaping up while you've been sorting out the salmon so now you can get them onto a plate upside down so the darker side is up, place the salmon steak down the middle and and then spoon off the tuna sweetcorn mixture onto either side, sandwiching your warm freshly cooked salmon.
Finally drizzle a light sweet sauce with bite such as thai sweet chilli or my favorite Cottage Delight indonesian chilli garlic sauce (Waitrose) around the very edge, not over the top. When eating you can smooth a little onto a peice of omlette and alternately load up with tuna or salmon. Bloody fantastic and about 20 minutes work all told.


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