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Monday 28 November 2005

Name my gaff! [Lurks]

In just a matter of a few weeks, I hope to be finally rid of London town and have moved to a bungalow in a secluded part of the south coast. There's a funny old tradition down in these parts and that's to give your place a name so it's not just a number. The surrounding places have cutesy sea-related names but I don't necessarily see why one must keep with tradition although obviously anything outlandish might be a little difficult to make fly with the missus :-)
WoW related themes might be a bit of a laugh and I'm partitial to Stormwind Cottage so far, Darkshore also having been mentioned (Southshore seems more appropriate) much as I'd obviously like to call the place Blackwing Lair. :-)
Any further suggestions?


  1. I appreciate where you're going with this, but its all stuff and nonsense.
    Clearly, you need your new gaff to represent all that is good about the gaming world - to display your epic knowledge and foresight and to extol the virtues of clan Eat Electric Death for each and every visit0r.
    Therefore, with no further ado I recommend you call your house:

  2. Kobold Kottage? Dunfarmin? Mount Slapdown? Beowned Cottage? Ding-Level?
    My favourite frankly;
    Backup Ho :)

  3. Molten Core? Might be difficult to get the missus approval tho :)
    Uber Selecta?

  4. UberVille
    Tanelorn (Think Eternal Champion series)
    I dunno, only condition is you need to tell us what your wifey has decided on, regardless of suggestions from this vapid lot!

  5. Oh I think if I found something I liked sufficiently then it'd happen regardless. Perhaps something a little more generic and not WoW would be a good idea for the sake of longetivity.
    Skillz House perhaps.

  6. Crosshatch.

  7. Oh well if it's longevity you're after it'd have to be Gamerville. But you'd have to ask Pod first. Remember he *is* a lady. I mean Gamer.

  8. The crosshatch. I like it!

  9. There's a bloke down there that's a retired bank robber or something, his gaff is called dunthieving or something. You can't make this shit up.