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Wednesday 9 November 2005

ma mobi! [Shedir]

My mobile. It's quite a personal thing now, how it's setup probably tells a lot about you.
I'm sorta bored with my 6230 now. Main gripe is nokia's obsession with 5 caller groups. Why not just allow a 'tone per person if you want and tones for groups if you can't be arsed.
The Ericsson phones I had allowed you to have a tone per person, about the best thing they did IMO.
Anyway, who's got what on their phones?
Wifey - I bet you look good on the dance floor, Arctic Monkeys (well spotted Am)

Mates - Take me out, Franz Ferdinand

Work - I'm on my way, Proclaimers (even I ended up with "we gotta get out of this place" by the animals. Especially since I knocked back the chance to get out)

celtic - The Willy Maley song, celtic FC.

EED - I predict a riot, Kaiser Chiefs
sms txt alert - cisco beep beep from 24
So what about you got on your personal communicator and how sad does that make you?


  1. Ringtone: Theme from BBC Grandstand (has been for about two years now! fucking rocks)
    SMS alert: Currently xian.wav
    Alarm: Sweet Child O' Mine, G'n'R.

  2. Ringtone: No idea - always silent.SMS alert: No idea - always silent.Alarm: An edit I made from the start of "Waking The Witch" by Kate Bush, it really is fantastic cos it gently wakes you up with the single tone swelling which is peppered with different people whispering wake up messages.
    Remember kids, ringtones and alerts are for attention seeking scum. My mobile is for me to ring people, not them to ring me. It's something for my convenience not others. I don't care if it's an emergency, emergency calls seldom are. How did we manage in the past?

  3. The Team Zissou theme from "The Life Aquatic"