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Wednesday 16 November 2005

Social virus webshites [Beej]

Never sign up for Ringo.
That's my advice to you. It's social virus dot com bollocks, one of the many webshites like Plaxo and so on that offers to manage your contact list and your friends online.
So why not Ringo? Well it's simple - I had a bad trip. If you accept an invitation or sign up for the thing, it'll ask for your GMail or Hotmail or MSN password. And then what? Well it e-mails everyone in your address book and everyone you have ever e-mailed to ask them to join Ringo. I've just had an interesting experience where someone at work... let's call the colleague A.Woman... signed up for Ringo using a shared work e-mail account... and now every client and everyone in the whole bloody company has received Ringo spam. gnnnnnnnnnghaaaargh*&%!$£*&"%
Need to "manage" your "friends"? Here's my advice - get a mobile phone or learn to use your e-mail client.


  1. Heh, sites like Ringo are nothing more than e-turd; raping unsuspecting user's address books for every last email and then (through the use of rather ridiculous T&Cs) sending crap to all sorts.
    Sites like this should be DDOS'd off the net.

  2. givepasswordtowebsite...Beej!

  3. Perhaps HTML should be rendered differently for women, rendered only as simple yes or no buttons. It's like a Windows error message. Women seem to be unable to read the content of the window. It's fucking invisible or something, or just there for decoration.
    An error window has appeared and lo I must ignore its contents and panic.
    Out of the box, Operating Systems should be in a retard mode - until geeks use the hidden keystroke to turn it back to a normal powerful flexible OS. Giant arrows will be used to show the user what to click on. All decisions will be boolean and all computer language banned. It won't be "Recycle Bin", it will be a much larger icon which says "drag files to delete here". Every icon will be huge. The start button will be in the centre of the desktop. Every icon will have a help button in it or beside it. And help will be multi-step Flash animations, none of this wade through the help file bollocks CTRL-Fing for something which no woman would ever bother doing, who reads this shit anyway?.

  4. You realise, of course, that you're describing the Macintosh?