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Monday 20 February 2006

My new mouse got lasers! [alfa]

I have had this Logitech Mouseman Optical for ages, its blue and even has cute blue light, its been great. But due to the pads under it getting lost and the surface becoming increasingly disgusting (after a while the plastic just wont get clean, yeah you know it, its *greasy*) i now had to get it done. The lazy bastard that i am couldnt get the thumb out of my arse so i spent the better part of 2005 trying to figure out what to replace it with. Microsoft´s alternatives are shockingly nonexistant, and if you dont have some fetish concerning the feel of the wheel or something perverted like that i dont really see why you should get one. And as far is i can see there are only two alternatives left, Razor and Logitech. There is a cheap version of this, and thats the Logi 518 or the Razor Diamondback, 1600 dpi and lots of buttons. Of course i couldnt do that, this being the age of pricerunner and all :)
So i tried out the Copperhead from Razor and the G5 from Logitech. It seems strange that some sites claim that the Razor is for the person using the fingertips to move the mouse since the wheel on it is way up in the front, not only that but i wonder how the buttons will work after while, the Diamondback kinda lost clicks after some use at the back end of the buttons. But it does have more buttons than the Logi and its light. The G5 on the other hand has some seriously cool weight stuff going on (which i first thought was so lame my heart almost stopped, a weight cartridge, yeah right) which as it turns out is incredibly useful to get that perfect feel. And its shaped like all the old Logi mice. But something thats *really* useful is that you can see what dpi you are using, it saves time when you running around in games when it counts. Of course being a lamearse Logitech fanboy i got the G5. Then the next problem, these are laser mice, new shit. Mousepads(mats?) dont like em. Do a fancy search and you will find forum posts about how that icemat doesnt work and then a post underneath explaining how it does. Weee, funny how they dont let you take a bunch home to try :)After a fuckload of reading it seemed like cloth ones work, that made me order a Steelpad QCK+. The + stands for rediculous size, its 45*40cm (thats 17.7*15.7in for you in the 3rd world) there is a normal sized one too since this large one is just too big (or so i thought until i tried out some really low sense for sniping). But the important bit: it seems to work flawlessly with the G5.
Now since neither of the laser mice are exactly cheap do i think it was worth it? Fuck yes, the differance from the old one is biblical in its proportions. The ability to change dpi is so useful its scary and the movement is smoother than a freshly waxed ass. That said, i wouldnt get one if i had a 518.


  1. Dear Readers,
    Observe, that Alfa - who is Swedish - has better written command of the english language than the overwhelming majority of British subjects, 99.971% of British teenagers, all Britains responding to the name Trisha and of course, Slim.
    Just thought I'd point that out. Like.

  2. "all Britains[sic] responding to the name Trisha"
    Nicely done, Am. A cunning use of the deliberate mistake in furtherance of an argument. (Or alternatively, a perfect example of the phenomenon commonly known as 'self-0wning').
    On the topic of the blog, those readers interested in getting a QCK, Dabs stock them.

  3. He uses very long paragraphs though.... :-)

  4. It was a perfect piece of irony muz. Which is what it feels like when your shirt is still warm and devoid of creases. In Luxor, Luxembourg.

  5. Logitechfanboysex: Logitech G5 Laser + LAN Case
    I notice they moved the +/- sensitivity buttons a bit from the MX518, so now both buttons are south of the scroll wheel? Good idea.

  6. Have they actually made a good laser mouse now? Like an MX518? I presume you can get something with a wire rather than the deeply pointless wireless stuff?

  7. My english may not be perfect, but at least I know the difference between a hyphen and a comma, fuckhead.
    Quoted for truth, before you edit:
    AM said "Observe, that Alfa - who is Swedish - has better written command... "

  8. The beej link is for the G7, which is wireless. The G5 which i got is the proper shit with a wire. And it works great with the mat i got, been using it now for quite some time and it never fails, love it etc etc :)

  9. "To indicate an aside in a sentence, use a hyphen with a space on either side:
    I went to see him – it took me hours – and he was delighted that I’d made the effort "
    That's off the OED.
    You might not think there's a p in 0wned but there friggin well is you e0n :)

  10. Logi Revolution announced! Looks swish and it has the right shape, but its got wheels and switches and stuff. The buzzword is now "hyper-fast scroll wheel"... heh."Precision laser tracking" is sweet marketing too. Sounds like some sort of sniper scope.

  11. Ah sweet jesus know me for the slut that I art. I'm gonna get me one of those in. Reports to follow.

  12. Hold your horses. The real question is, is this worth the £80. That's £20 more than the similarly cordless Logitech G7 gaming mouse and twice the price of the Logitech G5 corded gaming mouse. What you get for your money is this switchable scroll wheel which shifts it from a sort of ratcheted scroll to a smooth fast scroll. They're saying that's useful in games (actually they bang on more about spreadsheets) but I can't see why it's particularly useful for games. In games the situation arises where you need to select two weapons forward or the like and that is better with a notched wheel action is it not? Specifications wise it's no better than the G-series (except the G-series has the nice weight customisation feature) and as a matter of personal preference, you can get the G-series in a corded variety since cordless mice are fucking retarded in my oh so humble opinion.So it looks nice, but it's not for me. Unless you just want the most expensive mouse you can find. Oh wait, what am I saying?

  13. Am, stop with the Luxor thing already, jeez! :)
    Beej, that mouse looks naff.

  14. It's basically wank. To manually switch between the smooth & ratchet scrolling you have to click the wheel, which means you loose the wheel click button. You have to turn this off in the software to get back mouse button click.
    It also has a very gimicky feature of clicking a button to google for the currently selected word. A road to disaster as googling on a per word basis usually gets me 120982348097234897234 hits.

  15. So basically the Clan EED seal-of-approval remains with the Logitech MX-series and the G5/G7.