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Sunday 12 February 2006

Telly [Am]

Currently Chateau Amnesia is undergoing a little rennovation in the east, west, south and north wings downstairs. Sad as it may seem and call us bonkers if you will, the tri-partite floral wallpaper, artexed ceilings, economy lighting and the blue flowery carpet had to die. With extreme prejudice.
So there's cables hanging everywhere and shortly some wood floors go down. After that, fuck me, we might get really c-r-a-z-y and buy some sofas. Any sort of shit could happen.
One thing that occurs is the room which many member of 't' Death will think of as the 'Lan Room' is going to get turned into an adult sitting room. Sofas and large vases filled with dildos and lube you say? No, simply the place we retreat to when the family room has been trashed into the middle of next week.
So we need another telly. And obviously if we're gonna do it proper, we're thinking it should be flatscreen on the wall. But I must admit as much as I can look at sites like the european imaging awards site and lust after the Pioneer that won the plasma awards, I'm reasonably baffled by the difference between Plasma and LCD, HDTV and errr not. Would someone like to explain to me what the dickens is going on and any thoughts on a good direction to take?


  1. I got a LG 37" LCD-TV that I'm quite happy with, but since you have room for it, go for a projector (get the new version of the one Lurks have)

  2. Lurks' Panny is lovely and all, but I nearly splurged on an Hitachi, of all things, until my Australia holiday bill came... Gah! Can't remember why, but it's da bomb.The Hitachi PJ-TX200 you don't want a projector, you could get a vertical 3 LCD projector... the 50" Sony KDFE50A12 at £1,166.14 (edited retarded URL -Lurks)It's a lorra bang for your buck. Built-in Freeview, HD Ready which means HDMI and Component inputs (Sony forgets to mention the component inputs), and 2 RGB Scarts. I can't see much wrong with it meself. And only 40cm deep. Otherwise, you are in lcd/plasma land, a 32" HD Ready Sony lcd will set you back £1800, so a projector or rear-projecting LCD/DLP telly shouldn't be ruled out.