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Thursday 30 March 2006

Heroes [Am]

I'm a misanthrope. I'm a miserable fucking bastard. I fucking hate all cunts, almost always and quite simply can't get excited about the human race which I think is a fucking disgrace.
Oh ok well it's not that bad.
Who's got whom down as a hero? I'm basically up for Tesla because he was just off the planet and it seems to me weirdo's deserve heroism. Churchill because he held it all together. Thirdly, bizarrely as a muso, I am a big fan of Stuart Copeland the drummer from the Police and later composer of film and tv music. The bloke could do things with a drum kit which were just off the planet which no other drummer has done for the last 25 years in a commercial setting. Genius.
Heroes. Spill.


  1. heroes are for under 14's you baby

  2. You ran out of inspiration by 13.9999? Then you must still think that the highest level of aspiration is massive whackage to girls that are now illegal to you and an unhealthy interest in high-poodle rock music!

  3. just to pander your your childish dribblings I'll pass on my heroes at 15.99999.
    Roy Aitken, celtic centre half. Pretty much talentless but had a big heart, lived to prove you could make the best of yourself. Despite obvious shortcomings.
    Bruce Springsteen not a great singer but his music spoke to me. Sang to prove you could make the best of yourself. Despite obvious shortcomings.
    Marvin Hagler, because well he just fucking rocked.

  4. A hero is a big word, and to be honest it’s not something I have ever put much thought into? Only one name comes into my mind immediately, and it’s my first choice. The others I’ve thought of for the sake of having multiple people on the list.
    As with all things, I'm totally biased toward Irish people :)
    Bob Geldof – Absolutely *must* be on a shortlist for all round greatest person still living on the planet? I love him cos he is honest, and he speaks his mind, if something does not need to be dressed up and needs to be said right out there, he does not dress it up and just fucking says it. Not only is he a single parent of several seemingly well adjusted girls, not only is he stinking rich, not as a result of his past music career, but a number of brilliant business moves but he is one of the leading spokespeople for the cause of ‘sorting out’ Africa. Also an Irish man [from same school and lived quite near B O’D below strangely enough]. He would get my vote for greatest ever Irishman, which as I know is a big fucking statement, but he can do no wrong in my eyes tbh.
    Brian O’Driscoll – In my opinion the best rugby player of my generation, and he’s Irish which is fucking great for us, as we have been able to built a great around him! He is the best player I have seen play in real life, and I’ve seen pretty much every top class player since the late 80’s to now. He’s not afraid to make some money out of his fame at home, any why not, but at the same time he keeps getting better as a rugby player so he is clearly putting the time in the gym. On the field his defensive work is just as good as his legendary work going forward, indeed its more important these days as he is marked by two or more people!
    George Best – For his football [and maybe shagging all those miss worlds!], not for his Drinking!. For a brief few years in the late 60’s, when people were talking about the greatest footie player on the planet they spoke of Pele and George Best, with a host of players a bit behind them. For a skinny bloke from a dump like Northern Ireland to reach such heights was amazing. Unfortunately, like many talented Irishmen thru history, Alcohol saw to his talent :(
    Daniel Day Lewis – Best Actor in the World IMHO. I have loved every single movie he has been in, bar none. It has also been a massive range of different roles. I'm also thrilled he has not resorted to making utter rubbish like De Niro and Pacino. He walked away, and I’ve been told he has a real, normal job in Italy [believe if you want, I like to!], and he comes back once in a while, when he gets an offer of a good movie..

  5. Dont do the hero thing, basically all famous people are total ego cunts desperate for attention and acclaim... They are all needy, weak pussies and if people stopped paying attention to them and started thinking about their own behaviour the world would be a better place :)