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Wednesday 15 March 2006

RSS For Any Page [Spiny]

If you're an RSS addict like myself, then you simply have to check out feed43

It lets you generate an RSS feed from any web page, very easily. So if you're favourite site doesn't provide a feed, or it isn't up to snuff then you can create your own. Of course the feed you get is from, so it will also allow you to get a feed from a site that your corp firewall has blocked :)

Here's one I knocked up for Blues News

This obviously works best with news type sites like Blue's or the planet* sites, less well with sites that provide no text underneath their headlines.


  1. Course you could just use the native Blues News RSS: looks very clever, but I've got to say, I'm struggling to find a site I visit now without a native rss feed.

  2. 2nd para, last scentence, Slim :) Most sites do have feeds these days, but it's still useful for sites like whose 'feed' is just a link to page with the article & all the associated macromedia flash ads. (I'm one of those wierdos who likes full text feeds). I even prefer my feed43 feed for blues news to the official one as the official one only delivers a few lines of the news post. With the feed43 version I get the entire post in my rss reader.

  3. Have you looked at It works well too, and its very slick (love its simplicity) ... check it out.