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Monday 7 August 2006

Arnie Films - Pick the Best [DrDave]

Let's be honest, as gentlemen of a certain age, no other pop culture icon has contributed to our upbringing more than weight lifting, porn starring, movie making, god fearing Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger. Which of us can avoid asking for a "phased plasma bolt rifle in the 40 watt range" when we go to buy guns? Who amongst us can deny experiencing an almost Godlike feeling of power whenever we hear a mini-gun discharge? And who doesn't carry around a wet towel for those times when you're avoiding interplanetary oxygen cartels? No-one.
Face it, to lads who were young in the late 80s, Arnie is the daddy. And I expect most young ladies of a similar vintage have sneaked a look at their other half's Conan The Barbarian DVD on those long winter night alone, dig?
So dear readers, I pose the following: Pick three Arnie movies from his vast body of masterworks, the three films that you would most like to watch at an evening's Arnold Schwarzenegger retrospective.


  1. Terminator, terminator and terminator.

  2. Yeah, Terminator 1. True lies was also pretty good.

  3. I've gone for Predator. This is a difficult choice over T2: Judgement Day (which is in my Top 10 Bestest Evar!) but I think the spirit of the vote is about Arnie the legend, not the overall film jaw-droppingness of the film.
    Unlike T2, Arnie's character in Predator fails to be upstaged by special effects, or amongst strong memorable characters like Poncho, Blaine and Apollo Creed; he's the best of the lot!
    Conan in third.
    True Lies is cack!

  4. Has to be Predator for me too. Good suspense, good showcase of Arnie's physical prowess, and a genre-breaking film all round.
    T2 should be on the list. Classic film, and a strong sequel to an innovative original.
    Where is PUMPorag0rING IRON tho?

  5. I selected other, as Im a difficult bastard and I really think Arnie sucks piss and is as bland as actors go, but I really enjoyed End of Days, to picked that

  6. You're a moron Joe, I used to respect your opinions but you've gone down in my estimations now. I'd like to hear your reasons for believing this claim that "Arnie sucks piss" and that he is "bland"? I think you'll have a hard time framing your commie ideals in any kind of defensible argument.