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Saturday 12 August 2006

No liquids, no gels, no pastes [brit]

For the last week I have been living in a bubble, habiting hotels various between Italy and France.
This afternoon I grab a daily from the International Press section of the local newsie and discover two things:
1. Under the auspices of Osama Bin Fuckhead, a group of enterprising morons were brought to heel as they plotted to blow up a whole load of planes with some sort of liquid chemical 'thing' and...
2. David Beckham has been dropped from the England team after having collected 94 caps, and apparently cried like a baby when told of his droppage.
Now, the reason for this blog having the title it does is that I am currently sat 15ft away from a sign that says precisely that; any hope of duty free purchase has vanished and I've had to go through a security check normally associated with last minute jaunts to Tel Aviv.
Other than that, I hope the security services do their thing, dust off the thumb screws and show the idiots involved why fucking around like they did is a very silly thing to do.
David Beckham being dropped made me laugh out loud however - it is about time someone had the guts to tell him to fuck off and I suppose his World Cup performance (especially the night we wnt out) sealed the deal. Either way, I rather suspect his teary outburst wasn't so much to do with his football, but more to do with now having to spend so much more time with his talentless wife, watching her suck cash off Mr VISA quicker than Moss snorting Bolivia's finest.
Living in a self imposed bubble of ignorance for the win!

1 comment:

  1. football sucks piss - everyone knows that!