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Friday 22 December 2006

Anyone else an old sentimentalist? [shedir]

We all have skeletons, usually residing under our blubber, mine is I love rocky movies. A throwback to when as an angry youth I boxed, not to any 'level' as such but the training and sparring made me very very happy.
Rocky Balboa (6 by any other name).
Watched it tonight, got to say I really enjoyed it. As usual the fight is up there with the rest of it. But I'm what 24-25 years on from watching Rocky for the first time and that tune still gets to me.
It's not going to convert anyone to enjoying that style of movie and it plays very similarly to the rest of the series. But if you liked that stuff, it's more than worth a go its compulsary.
"Don't let the bastards grind you down" - even if it makes you punchy is the movies creed I guess.
Worryingly I've been eyeing up the boxing class at the uni gym, but doubt I'm as mobile as their heavy bag.



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