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Wednesday 20 December 2006

Ubi still suck [Pod]

R6:vegas hit the shelves on friday and after a quick play on warez in Single and lan play I went out and bought it. The single player is great, clever AI, beautiful visuals (You need a beast of a machine tho) and tense dogfights. Everything a R6 game needs. The game is a port of a console title through and through and while thats good in some areas (the planning phase is gone) its unfortunatly where it lets itself down. There's just so much that is broken its untrue.
Lets start with the general lack of any video options. Pc games always have tons of options and lets face it, with the vast diversity of the pc its needed. Well Ubi don't think so, no widescreen modes, no options to turn off most of the fancy effects, not even support for Shader model 2. That basically means that if you have a card that is less than a 6800 then you are screwed. Budget 7series also apparently run the game at sub 10fps so you're even more limited. Enough about that tho, most people in EED probably have a 6800 or better anyway so lets move on.
Where it falls down the most is the multiplayer side. Its just not finished at all and its where the game looks most like a console port. Gone are all the usual options you'd expect of a pc game. No password option, no option to specify a server name (just uses your account name). You can specify that you only want to allow your friends to join, that kinda gets round the no password issue but wait for it! Theres no friend list! (Obviously because the x360 has a dedicated friends list attached to your live account and no ones actually bothered to remove the option in the menus) Thats really fucking lame, you have to wonder if ubi fired all the work experience people that developed RavenShields multiplayer side (see one of our other blogs) and then hired some french hobos instead. Scratch that, they'd probably be too qualified to work for ubi. Anyway, I've not even touched on the fact that I and numerous others can't even get into the multiplayer setup screen (something I fixed by moving to wired over wireless but thats not worked for others), the game crashes alot (so far not for me but the forums are full of complaints), your characters equipment/armour/face/colours aren't used in multiplayer co-op so its pointless to set them up.
Well I think you're getting the point, theres more thats wrong with it that's not quite so bad. No key bindings for alot of stuff instead theres gay selection menus (console port issue again), the cover system allows you to see round walls in multiplayer making deathmatch/team games far to defensive and the completely pointless laser sight given that you always have crosshairs anyway. Ubi are wankers, its clear they've rushed this out for xmas and that its half finished and its a big shame because its actually a great game. I'd still recommend it with a warning of caution. A friend and I had a right laugh last night playing T-hunt and we're set to play again tonight. Its just frustrating knowing how good it would have been if someone other than the slack french **** had coded it. Roll on the EA buyout I say, they might be evil too but they're defo the better of two evils.


  1. I honestly struggle with the need for a blog such as this.
    Over the last five years or so, EED has categorically proved beyond any reasonable doubt that Ubisoft are High Lords of Suckage, Purveyors of Suck and lest we forget, Founding Members of the International Council for Sucking.
    We have of course been spoilt rotten with World of Warcraft, a game that was developed with the audience in mind - indeed, key members of that audience were canvassed and engaged early on to ensure a smooth 'firing on all cylinders' approach. Ubisoft remain Keepers of The Barrel In Which Floats The Rotten Apples.
    We've said it before, we'll say it again (I guess) - there is no possible reason for accepting sloppy slipshod nonsense such as those items you list above; Ubi have decided that Suckage is where they're at and frankly, they're very very good at it.
    Merry Christmas Ubi-Sux0rs!

  2. So I've actually been looking forward to the next game from Ubi, because though it still had some niggles, their last major outing (GRAW) was actually good fun. Myself, Am, Lotta and Spiny had great fun playing the campaign through co-op (with all the expected comedy - lotts refusing to use anything than an LMG, Am having more teamkills than kills, Spiny being distracted by anything shiny...)So, on the recommendation of Slim and Pod raving in channel about it, I ordered Vegas yesterday. And then read this blog today. Ooops.I did a quick google for "Rainbow 6 Vegas PC" or something, just to see if there were any signs of it not sucking, and the first hit was a link to this news item on the official webby, announcing that a patch has been released for R6 Vegas PC. Woot, thinks I, maybe they've fixed some of the borked stuff that I've been hearing about. Of course, then I read the changelog.First item:Supports the Xbox 360 controllerYes, because this is top of the list of priorities for someone who has a mouse and keyboard.And let us not forget this gem:Enabled changing display resolution of the game...Words fail me. I fucking give up. I'm going back to play Doom. I'm reasonably sure that didn't suck.

  3. Looks like R6V isn't the only great game that our gallic Cousins have screwed up with a poor implementation. If they we're Roger Bannister 3 minutes out, they'd have busted out the chequered tablecloth for vin et croissants.
    Still, there's yet another patch out for R6V which along with stuff like the server browser crashing when you use it with the default options, contains more important items like fixing the stuttery ubi logo that you're spammed with at the start of the game.
    I may even get time to play some over Mithrasfest.

  4. I still don't own R6:V despite being the biggest fan of Ding Chavez and his elite squad of multiracial killers the world has ever seen. But enough of this jerking off.When GRAW came out, it was unplayable on my current PC, although I played it on the Xbox360 and it was uber.Now R6:V is out and I want a new PC, an outlay of a grand for a new box and monitor. It would be my first new PC in two years, my first new desktop in three or four. But I'm only really buying it for R6:V and now I'm evening questioning if I should bother upgrading when I read this thread on the Ubi forums:Official Ubi Forums - Multiplayer suggestionsThere are nuggets of pure pure terror in here. Strap yourselves in for thiese, I'll put insane ones in bold:Hosts should be able to name their server anyting they wantThere should be an option to add servers to a favorites listWe need to be able to see pings in the server browser.Admins should be able to kick AND BAN players at any time during the match. Admins can only kick players between rounds.Please remove the unlimited ammo from the pistol. It serves absolutely no purpose when you can pickup any fallen weapon in the game.Sound: The sound is lacking and buggy. I can hear a guy sliding down a rope 3 floors above me but I can't hear some guy running right behind me right before he pulls out a Desert Eagle and executes me. Is Vegas even EAX enabled?HUD map: Be able to tell when friendlies are above, below or on the same level as you in the map. RVS had this...Live people can see dead people chatCancel option once you've started joining serverAnti-Aliasing needs to be added to the game.I despair reading this. Have the developers of the game ever played a multiplayer PC game before? Ubi have killed our game and are turning it into some generic gay console franchise, the little shits.

  5. Jesus is that shit for real. Unbelievable...