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Thursday 25 January 2007

Martin Lewis saves the day...again [shedir]

I got a farcial bill off Scottish Power, I owed £140 and my monthly bill was rising from £60 to £130! All with no real usage pattern change, other than wifey using the washing machine / tumble drier FAR too often.
So I call em up and query it, turns out the meter guy 'inputted erroniously'. By 40,000 units of leccy. Blessing in disguise as I now had a close look at the bill. I had locked us into a fixed price after watching that End of suburbia documentary.
In the intervening three years electricity with Scottish power had went from 6.873 to 9.810, Gas from 1.243 to 2.497!!! No wonder my bill jumped, I think they were trying to claw back the savings I'd made.
50% on electric and 100% on gas, truly they are robbing bastards of the highest orders. At least dick turpin left your carraige.
energy helpline took my usage details and pricing and spat out that switching to npower will save £560 a year. All without having to leave my precious pc chair, not too bad eh.
But this link was provided by the fantastic


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