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Monday 22 January 2007

World of Warcraft : The burning crusade [shedir]

Well it's out and we've scoured the new continent, now the initial flurry of love has worn off how are we finding the expansion to WoW?
The quests are a godsend in the initial area, so many of them and even a bit of variety in how they're accomplished. Mind you the only example I have is using the griffins as bombers which was an easy quest but at least employed something new.
Using the third dimenion has been overdue and can only hope that there's an instance where you need a flying druid to hit a gong or something ;)
I'm enjoying TBC, xp fairly rattles in and there's no shortage of stuff to do. The 5 man instance isn't overly difficult and completes nice n quickly as well but is still fun.
The new kit is slightly mystifying, at least to me, so I've got loads of stuff and need to evaluate whats best for itemrack usage.
It does seem easy though, solo-ing is possible without too much hassle and thats for a useless healbot like myself. Obviously if you group you churn through stuff nothing new there.
The zones themselves are nicely detailed, with plenty of screenshot material as you travel. Multiple flight points per zone also make a lot of sense and no more SV like trapsing about.
Caught between gaining the levels or pounding the instances for better kit is a concern, but I'm happy enough doing mainly quests and an instance if it pops up.
How's everyone else feeling about the expansion? Glad it's more of the same but tweaked or feeling a bit let down by the lack of change?


  1. It's marvellous. True, it is more of the same, more of the grind, more Kill 10x Slightly Larger Pig Variant quests, more of exactly the same game mechanic as before. But why fix a winning formula?
    After 12 months of being 60 and only being moderately involved in the game (not being all that big on raiding) it is fantastic to log in and have a full quest log, an empty XP bar and a whole world of unexplored content to get through. No more waiting around for an hour for a raid to get going, no desperate competition for a pointless pair of pants that offered little other than the completeness of a full set. Even something mundane like having an extra 75 points in tradeskills provides a certain guilty thrill.
    Okay, so it's overcamped at the moment, it seems to easy and we'll all probably be at 70 by Easter kicking our heels (except Spiro, natch), but it'll be a fun couple of months and then we can begin the build up to next year's expansion!

  2. As someone for whom raiding is difficult (scheduling being the main problem), the massive stackload of quests and the new quick 5 mans make WoW much more viable for me. Admittedly haven't sunk much time in yet (about 50% to 61), but it has breathed new life into the game for me, and I suspect many others.
    It'll be interesting to compare the new raid gear with the 5 man gear - if there's not too great a disparity, I can see myself just continually hitting 5/10 mans now - no more faffing around waiting for everyone to sort themselves out, and easy enough to throw one together without a week's notice. Time will tell.

  3. As the slowest ever leveller in WOW I would like to add that I've done more levelling in the last week than I have in the last 6 months. All of this is down to the expansion.
    Some of the new quests are great fun, bombing runs, teleported destroying and the fact that I'm getting nice armour for almost nothing is ace. Haven't had this much fun in ages.
    I'm looking forward to putting in some quality time in the next few weeks.
    Long Love TBC