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Wednesday 7 February 2007

America vs Atheism,Science,Commies,Pinkos,Homos etc [drdave]

The world took an enormous step in the direction of good sense last week when the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released its long awaited report into the current state of global climate change. Finally, an official consensus seems to have emerged that has tagged mankind as being at least partly responsible for the rising temperatures. This is definitely a good thing, since it will hopefully serve to dispel the apathy that seems prevalent by removing the umbrella of uncertainty regarding the causes.
Of course, there never really was any uncertainty, at least not for the last ten years or so. Anyone who has taken even a cursory glance at the literature can't help but be impressed by the weight of backing that this verdict has. The evidence is overwhelming, and it is only thanks to the amplified nature of the opposition lobby that any uncertainty has been entertained this long.
Global warming is, in many ways, a lot like evolution. It is a well studied, well supported theory that boasts the backing of the majority of professionals in the field and suffers the dismissal of those with vested interests to protect. So it should come as no surprise to find that there is a strong correlation between those who dismiss evolution and those who dismiss global warming - or Americans as we like to call them.
Check out this blog over at Uncommon Descent. UD, for those not acquainted with it, is the blog of William Dembski, one of the two main driving forces behind the "science" of intelligent design. Dembski seldom posts however, preferring to leave it to his "pitbull" moderator, DaveScot. DaveScot is exceedingly dense, homophobic, dismissive, arrogant and trigger happy on the ban button. In fact, he is so trigger happy that anyone posting any comment that criticises ID is instantly banned. This has led to the creation of this thread at the After The Bar Closes forum, which is specifically for folk to lampoon the torrent of utter idiocy from UD. Idiocy like this classic:
"Is mankind part of nature, or isn't he? I can't help but think that the global warming crowd has been duped into thinking that man is an interloper, like man was dropped into nature as an outsider, that nature never had or never will have the capacity to support or tolerate mankind. If mankind is part of nature, then even from a secular/Darwinist perspective, the whole idea that we should be freaked out about global warming seems utterly ridiculous to me."
There is a tendency to seek assurance in the idea that these head-in-the-sand views are niche opinions in America. America is free thinking, democratic, tolerant isn't it? The land of the free and home of the brave. If not, what was MacGuyver fighting for? If you have any residual notion that the America that the A-team escaped to still exists in any real form, then disavow yourself of this notion by watching this recent CNN report: here.
Part 1 starts off reasonably innocuously. Looks like a fair, if worrying, report on the victimisation of atheists in America. Then, weirdly, part 2 turns into a debate about why atheists are despised so much, featuring a panel with no atheists whatsoever, instead being composed of exactly the small minded idiot theist bigots that do the victimising, or post to UD, or brainwash kids into thinking dinosaurs lived 6000 years ago. They seem to spend most of the time lambasting atheists for lobbying to have "under God" removed from the pledge of allegiance, presumably being too dense and ill informed to realise that it was only put into the pledge in the 1950s after lobbying by the Knights Of Columbus.
For context, imagine if the debate concerned blacks, or jews, or disabled people. How far would these cretins get if they told blacks to "shut up"? It depresses me greatly that the best CNN could muster for an atheist defence is in the form of an ESPN basketball commentator.


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