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Tuesday 27 February 2007

Mod idea for CS [Lurks]

While having a nice CS session tonight, we came up with an idea for a mod. Now I think CS is mostly not broken so these mods that fuck things around majorly are shite. However one thing we've taken to doing is that if your team is winning by a whack, we announce a comedy weapon round. This will normally be something like Mac10s with cries of THE CHURCH IS OPEN FOR WORSHIP and that sort of thing.
So here's the idea for a mod. If team has lost last 3 rounds (say), round is triggered where winning team go into comedy gun mode. All players are given weapon and nothing else. They may buy nades, armour etc but no guns. Mac10s, TMPs are classic candidates but also a pistol round would also be good. There are some alternative ideas such as handing paras to the losers.
The mod shall also be called Sphinctenhausen. Because we think that's funny. Right, so who's going to code it? You know... this could probably be done with that scripting mod thing?


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