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Tuesday 27 March 2007

Stuff for old pc's [Slim]

Set up a pc for me kids tonight, it's an old one so isn't going to play the lastest stuff. So I spent some time hunting round for older stuff that would run on it, and stone me if there isn't a shitload of great stuff out there!
Here's some highlights:
This is like those old perspex robots you used to see in schools on the bbc micros. It's a little programming language that controls a robot around a map. Dead simple but loads of fun, watch in awe as your kiddy binkles construct code to make a robot write rude words on the screen, ace fun. Good for growed ups that want to learn basic programming structures too I imagine.
For younger kids, just starting at school this is dead simple but really effective. Counting, letter/word matching and stuff, nicely uncluttered with branding or bollocks.
This site is amazing! Abaondonware! Perfect for an older pc, but lots of this stuff still rules, in particular the broderbount stuff like the carmen games, amazing fun stuff like The Incredible Machine and a bunch of superb Sierra and Maxis games. If you've an old pc in your kids room, this site is a goldmine, tap it!
Artrage. Simple paint package that does a good job of actually behaving like paint and charcoal or whatever.
Anyone got any others?


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