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Monday 26 March 2007

Word of Mouth marketing [Lurks]

I stumbled across these guys called as part of my work since I also work in marketing.
This ccrowd is a word of mouth marketing agency. Sounds boring right. Well, I guess it could be but give it a chance. Bottom line is you go there and sign up and assuming you tell them all about you and you jump through a pile of hoops, it eventually gives you the ability to receive goods and services free.
The idea is that you then find out what they're like and tell your pals, then do a web report kinda thing on the site which gives you some kudos to unlock higher levels. I'm giving it a go because I think it's clever and it doesn't do any harm. Sure, if they want to send me stuff I'll see if it's any good and mention it to anyone that I think might be interested, just as I do with anything else I come across. I figure they might send me some aftershave or something for starters but if you made an effort, who knows what they might send you?
Is it some breach of confidence in promoting something to your pals? Yes, if you didn't think it was good. However if it's not good, I'll say it's a pile of bum. They're not paying me so I'm damned if I'm going to lie about it. If it's good, I'll tell my mates because I think they want to know. Just as I'd like any of them to tell me about stuff that's good also.
On the other hand, maybe it's too much effort for anything they might send you free? It's hard to say but I thought it was an interesting enough idea to give it a go. It's certainly a real breath of fresh air in marketing stuff and largely made possible because you can manage it all through a funky web interface.
The amusing thing is that they're big on you telling other people that you're a Bzzagent. Heh, it's easy to be a cynic. I imagine that conversation in the pub:
"Damn yeah she was hot in that film, oh by the way I'm a Bzzagent. Incidentally, I find Flora Lite an excellent margarine spread and one which has been scientifically proven to lower bad kinds of cholesterol. Yeah, as I was saying, it was just a shame she never got her kit off."


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