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Sunday 6 January 2008

Aliens!!1111 [Spiny]

SETI@home is looking more volunteers so I created a team for EED. Go sign up, test your overclocking & find teh aliens!!111



  1. Yeah why not. There's not that much power difference between an idling CPU and one doing work tbh, and I've always had a soft spot for this project. Nice to see they've got more data coming in than they can analyze at last. You need to basically download boink, attach to SETI @ Home and then log into the web page and go to our team page and hit join. Woot!


  2. Brings back happy memories of RC5! Which I'd installed on very many PCs with the option to hide the client so the user didn't know it was running.

    Ended up processing 2.5 million blocks and my CPU at the time would have been on a BX mobo, so that's a... Pentium II maybe? Oh and a lowly slow lane 68040 on the side :-)