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Friday, 25 January 2008

Teamspeak and Vista [Lurks]

I recently ran into a strange problem which I know at least one other person has run into without a solution. Today I stumbled across the solution which is remarkably simple.

If I ran SupCom:FA via GPGnet my teamspeak push-to-talk button wouldn't work. If I ran it by just running the game and setting up a LAN game my teamspeak PTT button would work just fine. How odd eh? Chased my arse around trying to remap keys and stuff but the problem remained.

Today the missus pointed out she has the same kind of thing with WoW. I looked at it and sure enough the PTT hotkey just doesn't work in WoW any more. That's just crazy. Then I had a thought... could it be Vista related and basically a hotkey permissions issue? In a flash I realised this very likely would be it because GPGnet asks to be escalated in permissions when you run it (because it can patch and stuff, I guess) and therefore when it launches SupCom:FA this is in a higher permissions level than launching SupCom:FA as normal.

Quick and dirty test. Ran the missus teamspeak as administrator and put it into test mode and fired up WoW. Whammo, it worked. Bugger me.

Problem easily solved by right clicking on Teamspeak shortcut and ticking the run as administrator button. Bosh.

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