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Monday 29 June 2009

Sci-Fi Must Read Shortlist: Part The Second

The bookclub didn't really work. Well, it was an EED project after all. Actually, that's not quite true... it didn't work in it's stated aim to get us all reading and discussing books (blame: Spiny) but it did succeed in getting your old pal Dave reading again. Since our foray into the world of the high brow, I've found my baths getting longer and longer, and even spent long afternoons ploughing through more books than I've read in the last two years.

Okay, I'm still in my comfort zone, 800 page Sci-Fi page turners, but I figure that at least it ain't no Bronte, dig?

I've just finished the last Hyperion book, Rise of Endymion, which I found to be utterly excellent, and the latest Peter F. Hamilton void trilogy novel, The Temporal Void, which I found to be hard work in places.

So now I'm looking for a recommend-me-do, in a similar vein to the well-trod but long dead blog "Scifi Must Read Shortlist". What's good scifi reading at the moment?


  1. You need to give the Gap books another crack. I know, I know, but it is worth it in the end. Get on with it.

  2. You could try the Seven Suns Saga by Kevin J Anderson.

  3. I told you the best SF book I'd read in donkeys and you refused to read it so bugger ya!

  4. I actually tried the first of those Seven Suns books Spelk. I found it to be some of the worst written scifi I'd ever encountered. Awful, sixth form stuff.

    I will relent and try Blindsight by Peter Watts.

    As for the Gap books... no.

  5. I've only got half way through the first Seven Suns book, and since I was looking for space opera, it seemed ok to me. But then I'm not all that keen on hardcore scifi that requires a lot of jargon dissemination. I struggled with the slow pace though. I did love the Gap books it has to be said.

    I enjoyed Helix by Eric Brown a lot, plenty of Space Opera alien civilisation stuff in there. Again, not hard scifi though.