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Saturday 11 July 2009

Gadget surprise

Ever had a gadget which confused you, its too unexciting to want...but works that well you've got to! Borrowed a power washer this weekend and the results off it stunned me. But its such an old man gadget I don't want to buy one!

We've all these cobbles out the side of front door, blasted all the moss and crud off them. cleaned the path, then all the slabs out the back. Four hours of high pressure water blasting, the chinese police have emailed asking if i want work, place is transformed.

But its an old fogey toy, tell me I'm wrong here and it's ok to own one of these things!


  1. The item in question has the word "Power" in the name. Buy.

  2. I have one of them. They are really really good. Until you realise that as well as blowing the crap off of slime on steps etc, you've also been blasting out really-quite-useful cement/filler between them too. Errr.

  3. I'm doing this as we're selling house anyway, so hopefully long term it wont be my problem!

  4. I've got one, they're ace. Good for cleaning the car with the brush attachment too. Seems to be the only thing that gets slime off the patio properly.

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