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Monday 3 December 2007

Game of the Year 2007 [Slim]

Very hard year to pick out a single title, there's been so much superb shit this year.

My game of the year is Super Mario Galaxy (wii). It's just so fresh feeling vs the cynical wave of first person shooters that all seemed to arrive in the same month, it's re-invigorated my love of gaming and underlined the fact that it's gameplay that matters, not hardware power. A perfect sofa vegging console experience.1st runner up: Orange box (pc). Got weeks of pleasure out of Team Fortress 2 in particular, and portal was wonderful, best ending ever. Ep2 was a let down in comparrsion but still loads of fun.2nd runner up: Bioshock (360). In the end it was System Shock 2 lite, far too easy, but so well put together that it really didn't matter.


  1. Been a good year for games, managed to even reinvigorate me into playing, and finishing, loads of stuff.

    Noteable mentions are: Bioshock, Halo 3, PGR4.

    But the toppest game for me was, suprisingly given the year the 360 has had: Final Fantasy XII on the PS2.


  2. My highlights of the year (not in order)

    Mass Effect, Bioshock, Mario, FF12, Halo3, Orange Box, Supreme commander FA, Zelda DS, Cod4, Picross DS

    At the moment I'd say ME was top of that list but then I'm still playing it so its a little biased.

  3. Just too much to choose from, reverse order: Peggle! Bioshock ETQW COD4 The Orange Box(You may notice I seem to be the only one not killing PC gaming with my console based heresy ;))


  4. Consoles have had their best year for many a year and certainly within the crosshatch. For those of us who are PC stalwarts however, I have to award COD4 my game of the year. Although the SP is short, the 'All Ghillied Up' mission which sees you sneaking in to try to assasinate the arch villain in a radiationed-out Chernobyl-alike is the single best SP mission I've played since, I think, Goldeneye's balcony stormer. Watching your partner creeping around in a a way which on a high end PC is without doubt the closest thing yet to a photo-realistic graphics experience I've ever seen was a genuinely 'wow' experience. But the mission is also balanced with great tension and game play as you extract yourself and your boss in a novel set of circumstances. Putting an injured partner down and waiting for the rush of enemies as we waited for evac genuinely created tension and I was determined to see the mission through. It has also left me with an aversion to German Shepherds or Alsatians and I am instantly minded to switch to sidearm whenever I see them in real-life :) . Lastly, the ending of the game gave me a lump in the throat and the last time I got that reaction was Legend of Zelda on the n64.

    I also thoroughly enjoyed Crysis which had a couple of literally jaw dropping moments like the first time you see the mountain which had me stopped in game and sitting back in my chair going 'holy shit'. And also as mentioned before, the unsung MOH: Airborne. Add in the revelation that was Bioshock, the brainbending of Portal, the raaaaaaaarrrr-lets-go of TF2 and the recent fun of Supcom FA and its been a cracking year. Certainly any game could come across as less joyful than a Nintendo masterpiece but cynical is not the right word about the fps's on this list. You can tell through all of them, particularly COD & Crysis that they have been made by people who are really passionate about games, at the top of their art and most of all trying to make their games as fun as possible.

    So, good year then. And we lanned and roadtripped too!


  5. And something that's unlikely to be that noticed that has become clear to me this evening. The pace of PC graphics is moving on at an astonishing rate at the moment. Firing up Rainbow: Vegas, Bioshock and EP2 again, it is quite obvious what a huge progression COD4 is on these games and also Crytek's engine. The last two games are palpably LOADS further on than any of the forementioned. They make them look like from another era. This is of course to be expected of the 'latest greatest' but the degree of difference in just 6-12+ months release time frame is pretty shocking to me even as someone who has been watching fps's for some 8 yrs now. Cor.


  6. I think the real revolution that's going on with the PC graphics wise is that proper hot hardware is becoming available at mid-level prices that'll basically play these incredible looking games just fine and that coincides with consoles actually have non-sucky hardware for a change in the form of the 360 and PS3. So cross-ports to PC are actually up to scratch.

    As for game of the year. It's got to be the Orange Box really. How can it not be? Pretty much the pinnacle of online gaming from TF2 and one of the best games of year in the single player department in the form of Portal, oh and an actually quite good mission pack for HL-2 on top. It's just impossible to beat.

    But my God, what fantastic contenders we have with Bioshock, Call of Duty 4 and so on. Supreme Commander FA is bloody fantastic too and Crysis is way better than expected and Mass Effect is Bioware and hence that rules also... it's got to be the strongest year for games I can remember. Certainly I've gone from buying pretty much no PC games to actually having a small pile of stuff I bought, because it ruled, it was on the PC and it deserved to be bought. Long may it continue.


  7. For me the game of 2007 has been a very late entry: Supreme Commander Forged Alliance. I love it. More than TF2 which was the Holy Grail In Waiting and which has in my view become very tired, very quickly.


  8. In no order..

    Call Of Duty 4, Halo 3, PGR 4, Gears of War, Virtual Tennis 3 [All on 360] Portal [Mac!]

    Bioshock [360] does look good, but I have not played a lot of it tbh, I will get into it eventually!

    I know it should not be in this list, as it was released last year, but I have to mention Obvilion - as I only played it this year :)

    I know I should say the Orange Box, but I have not played a lot of it [not even booted up ep2 tbh] due to the not having a PC, and having so much fun on the 360 tbh :D