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Tuesday 4 December 2007

xbox 360 divx upnp goodness [Shedir]

M&S don't do honeypot blogs, but if they did it'd be like this one. Anyway.

MS have added divx playback to the uber xbox 360, FAQ here, now I had loads of problems with windows media player 11 sharing my stuff. So rummaging around the net and slims head, a solution has been found!

TWONKY! A upnp server which is multiplatform, a doddle to setup and a breeze to use from the 360 side.

So I plopped it on my old mac last night to see how it went. Good god, no bother at all.

Open mac web browser to configure twonky, no linux terminal shit at all. Added the 360's IP into twonky as a device, I don't think this is strictly necessary but it didn't work unless I did that, then bosh. Movies folder shared. I watched an xvid but divx wasn't put in the update til this morning.

Reports from our agent in the field, Dr Dave, indicate that it works a treat though. Downside is twonky is 20 quid, not the end of the world but still maybe a free one can be found. Get sniffing readers.


  1. Hot tip, to get thumbnails working name the jpg image of the DVD cover the same as your video file and store it in the same location.i.e"big boobed goat fisting blonde twins.avi" and "big boobed goat fisting blone twins.jpg"If you find that the image isn't displayed on the xbox, then its probably because the image file is to big, so just compress it.


  2. How exactly would a big boobed goat fist something? I would imagine with those hooves it would be quite unpleasant for all concerned.

    Anyway, 360 streaming basically rocks. I have it working with Twonky and it just seems to work. Of my reasonably extensive collection, I could only find one type of file that wouldn't play - thousand year old Simpsons rips, which is sad but not irrecoverable. There are minor niggles - loss of audio resynching which XBMC enjoyed, stacking of multipart files, subtitle files don't seem to work as far as I can tell, the skip forward seems to pick a random number of minutes between 5 and 10 and the 360 fan noise is a little intrusive in quiet scenes.

    Nevertheless, I will probably retire my XBMC machine to another room because this update does enough things right. Plus, being able to turn the machine on and off with a remote, and not having to fiddle at the back of the TV for the component switch box, will be worth the loss of minor features.