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Monday 8 July 2002

The BBC knows best. Honest! [Pod]

I was just surfing the web today during my lunch hour when I came across this gem from the BBC sport web site.

'Petrescu won 95 caps for Romania and scored the goal which knocked England out of the 1998 World Cup. '

I mean come on. The World cup has just gone by and everyone is talking about the sweet revenge we got when we beat the cheating argies who got Beckham sent off when they knocked us out 4 years ago.

You would think that a BBC football writer might have known that considering the coverage that the BBC themselves gave to it.

Where is our fee going?


  1. URL: Or more worryingly. Apparently if we didn't have computers then we'd have no traffic lights or air traffic control. The plankton responsible for this copy clearly unaware that both were around far before computers.

  2. I'm not entirely sure what young Pod is on about, but I picked up on the crazy editorial error in the computing story and notified newsonline.errors@bbc

  3. URL: I am a mong.

    Now sort it bbc pe0n ;)

  4. Pod, you're a fucking fagot freak living on another planet

  5. Surfing during my lunch hour my 'arris - since email blog functionalities been in you've been posting at all hours and your clan contribution's gone up about 700%!