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Thursday 18 July 2002

Pegleg back in World Cup mode [Shedir]

Well it's been 4 months and a day since I broke my ankle, tore both ankle ligaments and something to my achilles. But I made my comeback to 6 a side football and have emerged unscathed. Rejoice!


  1. well after a quick trip to the docs this morning I've gubbed my knee cartilage apparently. ETA 4 months before they'll even look at it. exercise should be banned.

  2. It's for the best shedir, after all football sucks piss.

  3. I've a mate with similar knee troubles. He also is a regular (twice weekly) five a side football player.

  4. Now got a daily excercise regime when I wake up. Hold kneecap in place and move the leg about until the pain subsides enough to put my Llyods cream on it and swallow a couple of painkillers :(